Last month, CNN reported that bones that were discovered on a remote Pacific island back in the 1940s, are being sent to a renowned genetics laboratory, to have the DNA tested to determine if they could indeed be the remains of fabled missing aviatrix, Amelia Earhart.

More recently, the latest of many searches for Earhart’s missing a plane, a twin-engine Lockheed Electra, has come up empty. In the last two decades there have been 14 expeditions to the middle of the Pacific looking for traces of Earhart’s Electra, and many millions of dollars have been spent on them. Hopes were high for this latest search because it was being led by one of the world’s foremost undersea wreck hunters, Robert Ballard, the finder of the Titanic. He deployed the latest deep-sea search technology without finding a single clue.

The last time that Amelia Earhart’s voice was heard was at 8.43 a.m. local time over a remote corner of the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937. But, why, over 80 years later, are we still so obsessed with finding out what fate befell Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, and yet a mere year or so later, the search for Malaysia Air MH370, where hundreds are missing and presumed dead, has all but ceased?

In the case of Flight MH370 the last of two official searches ended in June, 2018. This, too, deployed the most advanced deep-water search technology – and like Ballard’s search for Earhart’s plane, turned up nothing.

There are uncomfortable questions to be asked about these two mysteries of the deep, but the main one should be “why the hell are we still looking for clues to Earhart’s disappearance, and not into MH370’s?”

One involves a woman who achieved, along with Charles Lindbergh, an altogether new level of world celebrity based on the challenges of early aviation and, particularly, on the fearful risks posed by flying across, what at the time, seemed to be impossibly vast oceans. The other involves 239 souls whose names are unknown except to their kin.

What should the relative priorities be?

Finding traces of Earhart’s Electra may provide some historical significance, but it won’t solve any technological issues that could be a threat to public safety. She and Noonan risked their lives with navigational aids that were, by today’s standards, relatively primitive. The everyday crossing of oceans safely by thousands of flights was then a very far-off dream.

The need to find the wreck of Flight MH370 is entirely different. Here, it is not just about clearing up a mystery, or lending credence to dozens of conspiracy theories. No, the continuing and pressing point surrounding the disappearance of Flight MH370, is that today’s international air safety regime does not normally admit that it is even possible for a state-of-the-art jet to go missing without a trace. In the absence of a wreck, conspiracy theories abound, while the real issue that must be pursued is—did something happen to this flight that could happen again? Is the flying public at risk?

The whole reason why flying has become progressively so much safer is that every accident, minor and major, is relentlessly interrogated until its causes are understood—and then rectified. This has become one of the most impressive and vital learning curves in the history of science—complicated by the fact that air disasters are frequently not just about science, they are a complex combination of human and scientific factors.

And yet, unlike searches for Earhart – which still get funded despite failure after failure — there is no glamorous compulsion or, apparently, any lingering curiosity about the fate of the 239 the people who boarded Flight MH370 that evening in Kuala Lumpur.

Leaving many of us wondering why?

What do you think happened to Flight MH370, and why do you think all official searchers have been halted? Reply in the comments below.


53 thoughts on “Why the Hell Are We Still Searching for Amelia Earhart and Not MH370?”
  1. I do have real pictures/satellite on the day the plane went down. Actually I cried. And I have proof.
    No one believe me. Also sent this information to some television stations, no replies.
    Called FBI and they told me I was crazy. I would like a interview somewhere safe after the Holidays.
    Please stay in contact with me through my email.

  2. Myself, I think that the pilot committed jihad.
    He put the jet in a terminal velocity dive which disintegrated the plane.
    Went way off course, headed in the direction Diego Garcia.
    Put it down in deep section of the Indian Ocean.

  3. Because there is a far better chance of finding Amelia than MH370.

    Because Amelia is familiar versus many faceless people on a plane in thousands of feet of water in the worst possible terrain.

  4. One of the favorite “theories” involves the “possible” hijacking of MH370 and being re-routed to some “secretive hidden airstrip” – -who knows where? Multiple “possible” such airstrips have been publicized. If that even happened, what would have happened to those 239 “victims”; would someone (or something) drive them into slave labor, or sexual imprisonment? Would that all have been murdered? Pray, someday soon, we will find the truth.

  5. Everyone in the industry knows the MH370 was carrying 5000 pounds of lithium-ion batteries that had been damaged in loading in its cargo hold. The plane was a flying furnace before it crashed into the sea. That is why there was almost no debris. The regulations for aircraft carrying lithium-ion batteries changed immediately. With a known cause of the crash and little chance of remains there is little motivation for searching.

  6. Disclaimer: What follows is strictly the opinion of the author after ‘connecting the dots’.

    Motive for hijacking the plane:
    Four of the 20 engineers on board shared in a patent on new stealth technology and also had patent samples with them. They all worked for Freescale Semiconductor of Texas and were on assignment in both Malaysian and Chinese production facilities.

    The flight was en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, then at about 300nm out, it reversed course, as seen on radar. Radar contact was then lost and the plane’s transponder was turned off. The plane was still transmitting a second, independent ‘ping’ to satellites for Rolls Royce to monitor the engines. Malaysia did not subscribe to this service so the pilot thought it was not being ‘accepted’ by satellites; and that he was flying ‘dark’; wrong. Rolls Royce turned the service ON.

    The Intelsat PLC satellite was made to do something it was not designed for, (act as crude radar). By measuring the delay between the satellite ping and the plane’s response, they got a rough measure of distance. Authorities however, did not know if the distances measured were north or south of the equatorial satellite.

    Despite the fact that there was no possible motive to fly those engineers south, that’s exactly what the authorities assumed! This was their biggest mistake that led to months of searching in the wrong places and losing MH370.

    How could this happen? They assumed that positive Doppler frequency shift on pings from the aircraft, meant that the plane was approaching the satellite. This was the sole basis for choosing the southern route.

    In most areas of the world, assuming that these frequency shifts are due to the Doppler Effect would be fairly accurate – but not here! By the time they started analyzing the shifts – it was too late. The plane had in fact gone north and was now heading NW, intentionally avoiding a busy flight path and in fact staying close to the Himalayan mountains. What they failed to take into account is that gravity also affects the oscillating frequency of a crystal! Flying close to the extra gravity of the mountains is what raised the aircraft transmit frequency and fooled everybody. Back in the 1970s I was a microwave technician who along with co-workers experienced the effect of lunar gravity on crystal oscillators, first hand. The effect on a single local oscillator was not noticed in our application. With 13 IF repeaters between terminals however, gravity had a cumulative effect on frequency shift and system performance; on a monthly basis. We soon learned to ‘touch up’ crystal frequency only mid-cycle and thus halve the variation.

    When the Indian tectonic plate collided with the Eurasian Plate, the Himalayan range was raised an average 2,000 ft. This range now, abuts or crosses six countries, including Pakistan. A variety of aircraft and satellite techniques (including “GRACE”) all show that earth’s gravity is stronger than average in this region. Gravitational effects on crystals are now well documented and many scientific papers are available.

    Motive for going north:
    As already stated, the stealth technology was valuable and Pakistan would have loved to get their hands on it.

  7. Don LeMon says the aircraft flew into a black hole. Don LeMon hates Trump, so he must be correct…

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