CNN has refused to respond to an intentional deceitful Tweet by one of their reporters that featured a “conversation overheard” among Republican senators that was completely made up.

Former Clinton White House press secretary, and current CNN contributor, Joe Lockhart received more than 9,000 retweets and 36,000 likes for a tweet claiming to report an overheard conversation between two Fox News-watching GOP senators. “Is this stuff real? I haven’t heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server,” the senators supposedly said. “If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we’re up shit’s creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence.”

Replies to the tweet indicate that many people took Lockhart’s scoop seriously. When reached for comment about the episode, a CNN spokesman redirected press inquiries to a communications director for the network who, according to outlet The Washington Beacon, ignored multiple requests for comment.

In follow-up tweets, Lockhart acknowledged that he “made up” the overheard conversation and called it satire. Lockhart did not delete the misleading tweet even as it went viral, and the clarifying tweets did not achieve the same reach as the original.

After he continued to receive criticism from conservative and liberal journalists alike, Lockhart characterized his detractors as “purveyors of Pizzagate and the Seth Rich conspiracy.” He tweeted, “Seems like I poked the bear today. The purveyors of Pizzagate and the Seth Rich conspiracy are lecturing me on honesty. I told a joke, you guys are a destructive joke that is killing our democracy. Other than that, hope you’re enjoying the trial and have a nice evening.”

In the past, CNN itself has repeatedly said that satire or so-called parody, is no excuse for spreading “fake news,” particularly if some internet users mistake it for genuine news. CNN and others have accused comedy websites of hiding behind satire to intentionally mislead voters while dodging punishment from social media companies.

However, it seems that they do not hold themselves, or Adam Schiff –who later admitted that his false recount of the Ukraine call during the early part of the House inquiry was a “parody” – to the same standard!

19 thoughts on “CNN Is Silent About Reporters Deceitful Tweet”
  1. I see you are stating fake news. The correct wording is yellow gernalism
    According to a judg in the US Courts. Their reporting is hear say.

  2. Isn’t it time something be done about CNN? They do not report news! They lie and deceive!

  3. Why is Chris Wallace on Fox News ? He is totally against Donald Trump. Every statement he makes is
    anti-Trump. I don’t listen to him anymore… I jusr change the channel. He is a hinderance to FOX NEWS.
    He will bring down the ratings…because I talked to other people who totally agree. He should be removed
    and apply on CNN.

  4. Looks like anybody can say anything and it will be believed. There are way too many “sheep” that will follow the lies and walk off the cliff. When will the “leaders” step up and do what is right? We all need to stop watching the news media. We all have eyes. Can’t any one see the improvements in the past 3 1/2 years in this country. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see more people are working, unemployment is down, we are self sufficient in oil and gas, gas prices at the pump are down and more stable, the economy is better, taxes are lower, and on and on. Open your eyes. Take notice. Don’t be the sheep. Be the leader that keeps the sheep from walking off the cliff.

  5. Corrupt News Net is appropriate. Why would anyone turn to this Net for news? only to have to fact check it. They either are lying, cut & pasting, clipping off, manufacturing or not reporting at all.

  6. CNN is a communist organization devoted to suppression of the truth and spreading Communist Subversive Fake News to lie and mislead the public doing us a great disservice. CNN is at least 90% or more journalistically fraudulent even to the point of being legally guilty BOTH of Libel and Slander, both in word and in writing. CNN is simply taking its orders from the Deep State and the far left Communist Wing of the Democrat party.

  7. LOL….never read or listen to one word coming from what I call the Commie News Network. Just seems more fitting!

  8. its about these lying reporters are held accountable for their lies. it wont happen with cnn though, they incourage it.

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