For the past several years, Democrats have been desperate for votes. One of their ploys to win votes was to defy federal laws and federal law enforcement officers by protecting and harboring illegal aliens. Regardless of how hard Democrats try to justify their actions, people who enter America by violating federal immigration laws are ILLEGAL and therefore they deserve to be held accountable for violating the laws of OUR country.

Democrats have tried to claim that they have the legal right to pass local, county and state laws and ordinances to protect illegal aliens and that their laws and ordinances supersede federal immigration laws.

As more states have been turned over to the control of Democrats, they have been passing numerous anti-gun laws, especially the erroneously labeled red-flag laws. This happened in Virginia when anti-Second Amendment Democrat Ralph Northam became governor in January 2018. As soon as Northam was sworn into office, he and his fellow Democrats in the state legislature quickly began passing a number of anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment laws. This prompted a number of the more rural counties that were still run by pro-Second Amendment Republicans to begin passing county ordinances making their counties a Second Amendment sanctuary county. Currently, 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties passed Second Amendment sanctuary measures to counter the growing number of gun control laws.

Today, counties in other states are following suit. I live in Boone County Kentucky and the county commissioners are on the verge of passing a similar Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance. A nearby county already passed such an ordinance and I just heard that a county across the Ohio River in the Cincinnati area is also working to pass a Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance. Many of these Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances as a direct result of the red flag laws.

On the local news, they interviewed a law professor who said these Second Amendment county actions are just symbolic and that they carry no real legal weight over state and federal laws. He went on to say that there are ways to force county officials to enforce the state laws. One way is to have state troopers enforce the laws and the other is withhold state and federal funding from those counties until they comply with the laws.

Herein lies the Democratic hypocrisy. They say the Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances do not override state and federal law, but the very same Democrats say that their illegal alien sanctuary ordinances do override state and federal law. You can’t have it legally both ways.

Secondly, when the Trump administration tried to withhold federal funding from states, counties and cities with illegal alien sanctuary status, his actions were deemed to be unconstitutional by the federal courts. If that’s the case, then what makes it constitutional or legal to withhold funding from the Second Amendment sanctuary locations?

Lastly, something that everyone seems to be forgetting is a Supreme Court ruling that stated that duly elected county sheriffs are the supreme law enforcement officers in their counties and that their power and authority in their own counties supersede those of state and federal officials.

In 1997, Sheriff Richard Mack filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that there are no constitutional grounds on which to force state and local law enforcement officials to implement federal laws.  The case in point dealt with the Brady Act and the requirement of local law enforcement officers to conduct a background check on all gun sales application within 5 days.

The Supreme Court upheld Sheriff Mack’s case, demonstrating the power of the county sheriff in regard to federal law and federal agencies.

Since that time, Sheriff Mack has retired from law enforcement and now travels teaching and coaching other local law enforcement officials as to the extent of their powers over the federal government, which are often greater than the locals realized.

If you want to help curb the illegal actions of many of the federal government’s agencies, I suggest you obtain a copy of Mack’s book, The County Sheriff America’s Last Hope.