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Soros-Backed Media Spread “Fake News” About Trump’s Impeachment

There have been credible reports indicating that media outlets that are backed by George Soros, have been intentionally spreading disinformation in order to advance their own impeachment narratives.

These reports said that the Soros-backed Center for Public Integrity is stirring allegations that President Trump ordered a freeze on Ukraine military aid on the day of his phone call with the Ukrainian president.

The Soros-backed narrative was designed to support Democrat claims of a “quid pro quo” related to Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine.

The reports of bias and “fake news” came just after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for new information to be released to allow for a “fair and honest trial” in the Senate. This week, Schumer referenced recently released emails that he said shed more light onto the alleged “quid pro quo” between the Trump administration and Ukraine.

One email in particular, which was sent 91 minutes after the July 25th phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky, was written by senior OMB political appointee Michael Duffey. The email appeared to instruct Defense Department officials to withhold aid to Ukraine and keep the administration’s request confidential.

“This email is explosive,” stated Schumer. “A top administration official, one that we requested, is saying ‘stop the aid’ 91 minutes after Trump called Zelensky and said ‘keep it hush hush.’”

However, the Office of Management and Budget has refuted those claims. The OMB released a real timeline of events, which showed military aid had been frozen days before the July phone call and released weeks after – not immediately after the infamous call, as the email seemed to imply, and the left-wing media has been presenting.



  1. George Soros is the Great Warlock preparing the way of the One world antichrist government. His leftist organization of Open Societies is promoting this left wing occult propaganda of lies. He and his media work with the Iluminati and the Bilderberg Society as well delving in satanic religious and witchcraft mind control means working in his fake media. He funds left wing Nazism along with ANTIFA in America and the EFF and ANC who are destroying South Africa.

  2. Soros is a cancer to what ever country he is allowed to be in. He has already been driven out of the European communities because of his anti-government antics. Now he seeks to drag our own country
    down. He took an oath when becoming an American citizen which he has not and probably never did intended to keep. It is well past the time to revoke his citizenship and send him on his way!

  3. You mean Fox News fake news. I’ve been waiting for three years for fox to tell the truth about lawless and corrupt trump

  4. Is time to get him arrested, revoke his citizenship, and put him in Federal Prison. He is a traitor to the USA and any country he is in. Also, he sponsors many outfits all around the world. These should all be stopped. He has billions, and can pay his way out, but he has caused so much evil that he should be dealt with in some way…sponsored Hillary(as if she needed any more money)…paid for the Democrats to put hundreds of protestors even at President Trump’s inaugration (for those who do not know), trying to ruin it before even finished, some of the paid protestors DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY WERE PROTESTING. Paid for protest in college, started so many problems, he should be put under a Federal Prison…might have been at the start of the racial wars, sponsors Black Lives Matters, and on and on. Get Him, Someone somewhere. Stop this evil man PLEASE PRINT MY COMMENTS !!!

  5. George Soros is nothing but a CANCER for the United States . He was and has. been BARRED from entering his own
    Country !! George Soros is NO better than our own DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS in the HOUSE or SENATE. He’s got his BIG BUTT UGLY FACE in EVERYBODY’S business and it needs to STOP. PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to intervene and have this WORTHLESS S.O.B. removed from the United States and banned him for GOOD !

  6. That ain’t gonna happen as long as PRESIDENT TRUMP is COMMANDER AND CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES ! The SENATORS in the SENATE need to banned together and pass Legislation to deport this PARASITE and banned him from entering the United States for GOOD !!

  7. He should be deported because he is violating emigration’s laws. He is always causing problems. He should be sent back to his country. We don’t need him here!


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