Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has not been shy about lobbing harsh criticism at the House impeachment managers for using the Senate trial merely to further their political attacks on President Trump.

Cruz recently spoke to reporters during one of the recess sessions in between the debate on the Senate floor. He commented on the Democrats’ assertion that the rules do not follow the ones from the trial of former President Bill Clinton by saying “it’s virtually identical to the 1999 resolution.”

Sen. Cruz also mentioned he would not rule out the White House team pushing for a dismissal of the articles of impeachment when the time comes. The Texas lawmaker then said he doesn’t think it was a good day for House managers.

“We’ve seen the House managers and Senate Democrats making redundant motions over and over and over again, the same motions,” he explained. “Motions that are being rejected and fundamentally it is clear House Democrats view this as an opportunity to continue their partisan attacks on the president, instead of focusing on the priorities of the people.”

The Texas lawmaker then predicted that the end of the proceeding is going to be an acquittal because the House managers still can’t meet the constitutional threshold for conviction.

Referring to the first day of the trail, which went over 12 hours long, Cruz tweeted, “If you have the facts, you bang the facts. If you have the law, you bang the law. If you don’t have either, you bang the table. Today, we’ve seen a whole lot of table banging.”

13 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Says Impeachment Trial Just a Way for Dems to Malign Trump”
  1. Thank you Senator Cruz for saying the truth, house democrats are not working for The United States people. We have been paying there wages for years now, for doing nothing but criticizing and sabotaging the President. Is this in there job description? Let’s pray for our President, Senators, and we the people of our great Nation that the Holy Spirit will guide and provide strength, Amen.

  2. This whole impeachment drama is nothing more than a chance for Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler, et al. to get free camera time, and pander to their far left base. They must know that they have NO chance to remove the president from office. This is nothing more than a stage show for the democrats to get media attention. Why don’t they go back to doing what they were elected to do??!!


  4. I pray the Democraps, or at least the ring-leaders, all get charged and end up in prison for quite a while.

  5. Your’re right Ted, What an absolute shit show. Some of the most rediculas lying I have witnessed. They don’t have a liars chance , so they may as well get their rediculas selfs out of this mess and let the President do his already outstanding job of fixing what all the lies and greediness and stupidity of the people who hate our country and are trying to give it away. God Bless America.

  6. The CIRCUS RING LEADER’S sure got the HELL SCARE out of them this Morning by the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION
    LEGAL TEAM . They busted the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE DEMOCRAT POLLOCKS Case side open ! The LEGAL TEAM pointed out all the kids Consumptions and out right lied that PENCIL SCHIFF , POLLACK PELOSI, HIPPOPOTAMUS NADLER 🙄 CRY 😢 BABY SCHUMER and MAD 😠 MAX WATER’S being Convicted by the HOUSE , SENATE REPUBLICANS and the AMERICAN PEOPLE by the st this FAKE WITCH HUNT HOAX is over the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE S will be Sweating Bullets with the ACQUITTAL and EXHALATION of PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP !


  7. I cannot think of any expression vile enough to categorize the dumbocraps Schitt, Nadler, Pelosi, and Schumer et al. Once the republicans gain majorities in both houses I hope they begin an investigation of all the Trump attackers and force them to endure the same persecution Trump has endured.

  8. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, etc. are evil, corrupt, liars, insane, and, oh yes, repulsive. I pray to God that very soon they will be held accountable for their deceit and hatefulness towards President Trump. Their penalty should be PRISON FOR MANY YEARS – no chance for parole.

  9. President Trump WILL prevail! Before the Demidiots are prosecuted, make THEM pay back ALL the Taxpayers Money they have wasted on their circus of Schitt!

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