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From the streets of Chicago to the city council of Seattle, and in the pages of academic journals ranging from the Cardozo Law Review to the Harvard Law Review, left-wing activists are building a case not just to reform policing—which few would argue could use some fixing – but to do away with it altogether.

The chant “abolish the police” has been showing up at many protests that attack the police as a violent and racists organization. But, it is not hyperbole or a figure of speech triggered by angry communities as you might think.  One look at the academic and activist literature mentioned above, and you can see that “abolish the police” is not just an inflammatory slogan used to push needed criminal justice reform, but an actual concrete policy goal of the left.

As WND reports, “the abolitionists want to dismantle municipal police departments and see police officers disappearing from the streets.”

Such radical ideas are being taken seriously. According to WND, in Seattle, socialist city council candidate Shaun Scott, who ran on a “police abolition” platform, came within 1,386 votes of winning elected office. During his campaign, he argued that the city must “[disinvest] from the police state” and “build towards a world where nobody is criminalized for being poor.” At a debate hosted by the Seattle Police Officers Guild, Scott blasted “so-called officers” for their “deep and entrenched institutional ties to racism” that produced an “apparatus of overaggressive and racist policing that has emerged to steer many black and brown bodies back into, in essence, a form of slavery.”

Another Seattle police abolitionist, Kirsten Harris-Talley, served briefly as an appointed city councilwoman. Both Scott and Harris-Talley enjoy broad support from the city’s progressive establishment.

Police abolitionists believe that they stand at the vanguard of a new idea, but this strain of thought dates to the eighteenth-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who believed that stripping away the corruptions of civilization would liberate the goodness of man. What police abolitionists fail to acknowledge is the problem of evil. No matter how many “restorative” programs it administers, even a benevolent centralized state cannot extinguish the risks of illness, violence, and disorder. Contrary to the utopian vision of Rousseau and his intellectual descendants, chaos is not freedom; order is not slavery. In the modern world, civilization cannot be rolled back without dire consequences.

No sane person, conservative or liberal, believes that there are not any problems with policing and criminal justice policies. But, neither would any sane person advocate the elimination of local police entirely and want to live in the “purge-like” anarchy that would ensue.

As a filmmaker, Christopher F. Rufo, producer of the PBS documentary “America Lost,” writes, “Reform the police? Sure. Abolish them? Never.”

22 thoughts on “Radical Left Wants to Abolish the Police Force”
  1. This will help the GOOD to end the EVIL and provide proof that LOVE never means playing nice with EVIL.

  2. As we have all heard before, “You can’t fix Stupid”. Indulging in a bit of fantasy, wouldn’t it be fitting for the law enforcement jurisdictions serving these morons to designate the residential addresses, vehicles, and telephone numbers of these people as not eligible for police services? Then, as the anti-gun progressives have already done by publicly identifying individuals and the home addresses of Concealed Carry Permit holders who complied with the law, make this information available to the general public.

  3. If the police and the authority they hold to keep the civil and social peace come to an end; then we had better all of us have our guns in self preservation and protection because, there is sure to be blood flowing in all our streets!

  4. I wonder what these morons would do if ever they got their way and abolished the Police. I would bet that within hours of the abolition, their houses would be broken into, they or their friends would get attacked or perhaps a relative would get killed. “Where are the Police” they would cry, “we have to get justice and find the perpetrators” Oh dear, NO POLICE As a retired cop, I agree that the Police needs improvement but to get rid of them completely, never.

  5. I forget if it was Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine that said something to the effect, that if there were no laws and no police THE PEOPLE would make and enforce their own laws.

    Abolishing police would open the door for the Federal Gov’t to step up in gestapo fashion to make and enforce their will on the people but only the people that they deem a threat to THE gov’t.


  7. Spoken like a true criminal. Nothing a lawless thug loves more than a victim who can’t defend himself. Take away the police and our gun rights and it’s a crime wave the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Genghis Kahn.

  8. Yep, just like no firearm zones around schools and look what that has produced. Maybe make a 500 yard perimeter around the homes of the proponents of police abolishment and test the theory.

  9. Makes as much sense as destroying the 2nd Amendment. There will always be criminals, including “armed” criminals. These fools want to take away the peoples’ right to defend themselves and do away with the only line in the sand between the criminals and the law abiding.

    Meanwhile, those who favor such changes can afford their own private security forces to protect them from both the masses and the criminals.

  10. We used to be policeless. It was the wild West and everybody packed heat. People rarely lived over age 25. It was the root of civilization.

  11. If you abolish the police force in any city, racism and violence will rule that city. It would require the National Guard and Marines to come in by the order of the Federal Government to declare Martial Law and put down the anarchy ordered by the Leftists. Also the CIA and FBI must do cyber search for ANTIFA hacking the internet to find people’s information and plotting their murder to stop them in these same places.

  12. Abolish the police? That would solve nothing. There have been a couple of communities that said “We don’t want the police here!” So the local police stopped going to those neighborhoods. The result? The reported murder rate dropped drastically, but the number of missing persons went up as did the number of dead bodies that were found throughout the area. Eventually, the city and neighborhood leaders asked the cops back.
    Just tonight, there was someone who was either driving drunkenly or running from someone. The man caused three nasty traffic accidents along a highway through my town. Without the responding police, ambulance and fire departments those “accidents” would have been much worse. I, for one, am thankful for my local police department and thank anyone willing to do those thankless but needed jobs.

  13. The serious situation that is taking place in the Country of America is becoming very dangerous, with advent of anti-police, ant- law enforecement candidates getting elected by Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, and Sanders. Ed Koch was NO BETTER. This is proving very dangerous to Jews by Jews.

  14. I think those people are drinking the kool aid with some very strong DRUGS in It. You think it is bad now you have not seen anything if that happens. The LEFT is trying to stir up anarchy !!!!! Tell then to get real and STAY OFF THE PIPE>>>>

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