All eyes were on last week’s Iowa caucuses to see who the early Democratic frontrunner would be. While all eyes were focusing on Iowa, it needs to be noted that all the media reported on was the Democratic caucus and had nothing to do with Republicans, yet, there was a Republican caucus as well, but since Trump was the overwhelming victor, you don’t hear any reports on this by the Democratic sewagestream media.

Even so, the one big takeaway from the Iowa caucuses is that President Donald Trump should have a sweeping victory in November.

Here’s why:

1- First and foremost, the Democratic voter turnout was extremely low, far lower than all predictions. A number of political pundits have been saying that the poor Democratic turnout in Iowa is a good indicator the general consensus of Iowa voters. Democrats were counting on a strong voter turnout to show just how effective their political party platform is resonating with voters. In fact, the Democrats are right and the really poor turnout of Democratic voters indicates that voters do not favor the platform and policies of the Democratic Party.

2- Secondly, is the continued Democratic corruption. By now you’ve heard that the final tally of the Democratic caucus voting is still not finalized and that it’s all due to the ap used to process the votes. Consider the fact that the company contracted to provide the ap was a little-known company that was run by members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign who presented themselves as experts on campaign digital technology. Also consider that members of Clinton’s 2016 campaign were the ones accusing Trump of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election.

3- The unofficially declared official winner. Going into the Iowa caucuses, former Vice President Joe Biden was the leading Democratic candidate, followed closely by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg was a distant fourth in most polls. If anyone can trust the flawed results by the Clintonesque ap used to tally the votes, Buttigieg may have barely edged out Bernie Sanders for the lead. However, I can’t help but wonder if this was a direct result of the overall poor Democratic voter turnout. With a gay man running, the LGBT community probably made up a significant part of the votes cast, but in reality don’t represent all Democrats, meaning that the results are greatly skewed in his favor.

4- Biden, Sanders and Warren desperately needed a big win in Iowa to help propel their campaigns, but neither of them achieved that goal. Biden has been claiming to be the front runner ever since tossing his hat into the ring, but Iowa Democrats told a different story. Sanders especially needed a victory in Iowa to help prove his electability, which he constantly touts at all of his campaign events. Warren was counting on the votes of women to propel her into the lead, but if the Iowa results say anything, it says that Biden, Sanders and Warren were all so are very wrong. It’s true that the Iowa caucus is not the final vote, but in years past, it has been the same person selected as the Democrat Party nomination in more cases than not.

One last thought that has nothing to do with the Iowa caucuses – if Biden was a such a great Vice President and valuable teammate of Barack Obama, then why is Obama doing campaign commercials for Michael Bloomberg?

This is why I believe that the Iowa caucuses clearly predict a big Trump victory in November.

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