A group of experts from around the world are prompting government officials into launching a new search for what is one of the most mind-boggling plane crashes in history – the downing of Malaysia Air MH370.

The group has defined new areas to be searched for the missing Boeing 777. MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, with 239 passengers and crew aboard and while debris has been recovered, the main body of wreckage has not, despite two extensive searchers.

Malaysia has stated that it needs new evidence before starting a new search, although US-based search company Ocean Infinity has said that it will search on a “no find no fee basis.”

After extensive revision and refinement of data search experts Victor Iannello, Bobby Ulich, Richard Godfrey, and Andrew Banks have defined a new area for MH370 adjacent to that previously covered. The group has released the findings in a detailed paper.

According to the paper, entitled, Search Recommendation for MH370’s Debris Field,  “The last search for MH370 was conducted by Ocean Infinity, who consulted with official and independent researchers and subsequently scanned the seabed along the 7th arc as far north as S25° latitude. Since then, independent researchers have continued to analyze the available data to understand what areas of the seabed are the most likely, and why previous search efforts have been unsuccessful.”

The paper went on to say where they believe searching will be more successful.

“The results of that [our work] suggest that the final hours of the flight were due south in the Indian Ocean along E93.7875° longitude, which matches a great circle between the waypoint BEDAX (about 100 NM west of Banda Aceh, Sumatra) and the South Pole.”

This would be about 1100 miles due west of Dunsborough, Western Australia.

On a quiet, moonlit night of March 8, 2014, MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, bound for Beijing. 15 minutes or so into the flight, Vietnamese air-traffic controllers saw the plane cross into their airspace and then disappear from radar. It was never heard from again. In the years since, the mystery surrounding MH370 has been a focus of continued investigation and a source of sometimes feverish public speculation.

What do you think happened to MH370? Do you think this search will be any more successful than previous searches?

4 thoughts on “Experts From Around the World Launch New Search for MH370”
  1. I would wager that somehow someway MOSSAD and quite probably the CIA had a hand in the disappearance of MH370. A good place to start searching might be around the U.S./British Naval
    Base in Diego Garcia….in the Indian Ocean.

  2. Now with all the satellites in space beaming down on earth, I am sure one of them has some interesting video in it, especially weather satellites which cover just about the entire earth. Now with tide patters and ocean currents fairly stable, then a back track from where the pieces were found should help quite a bit and computers could do it in hours. Now the pieces found do not float as they said when they found them, so the wind would not be a factor in the movement. I do think there is much more to this story than we are being told.

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