When Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City, he made many enemies among the people of the Big Apple including some very influential people and politicians. Bloomberg was the man who tried to put a ban on all large sugary drinks over a certain size. Places that catered to families and kids were not allowed to sell pitchers of soft drinks for the kids, but parents had to buy individual smaller sized drinks, which were more expensive in the long run. Bloomberg also tried to place a ban on many prescription pain killers because of the opioid addiction epidemic. Bloomberg said he was trying to help prevent more addiction but didn’t give any consideration to those in the hospital who really needed pain meds following surgeries and other painful procedures.

In all of his actions, Bloomberg showed his true colors, those of a socialist dictator who alone decided what was best of the people, regardless if it really was best for them or not. It was Bloomberg’s way or no way.

After leaving the Mayor’s office, Bloomberg continued to try to exert his way across the nation. Being one of the wealthiest people in America, he easily spent millions of his own dollars to push for strict gun control laws and to support organizations who went as far as calling for a total ban of all private gun ownership. Bloomberg contributed to the anti-gun campaigns of state politicians and state bills designed to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights to bear arms and defend themselves, again, proving that he doesn’t care about the Constitution or the American people, but only cares about his personal socialist dictatorship.

Now one has to wonder if Bloomberg thinks so much of himself and so little for the average working class American that he ignorantly committed political suicide as reported:

Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared to belittle both farmers and factory workers in 2016 comments made at a university forum, continuing a trend of old remarks resurfacing to plague the billionaire’s bid for the Democratic nomination.

Joining the Distinguished Speakers Series at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School, Bloomberg was responding to a question about whether it is possible to unite people in middle America and the coasts. One of the issues standing in the way of that, Bloomberg said, was the inability of blue-collar workers to adapt to the information economy even if they have their education subsidized.

“The agrarian society lasted 3,000 years and we could teach processes. I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer,” Bloomberg said. “It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that. Then we had 300 years of the industrial society. You put the piece of metal on the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow and you can have a job. And we created a lot of jobs. At one point, 98 percent of the world worked in agriculture, now it’s 2 percent in the United States.”

Bloomberg continued: “Now comes the information economy and the information economy is fundamentally different because it’s built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets that you have to learn are how to think and analyze, and that is a whole degree level different. You have to have a different skill set, you have to have a lot more gray matter. It’s not clear the teachers can teach or the students can learn, and so the challenge of society of finding jobs for these people, who we can take care of giving them a roof over their head and a meal in their stomach and a cell phone and a car and that sort of thing. But the thing that is the most important, that will stop them from setting up a guillotine someday, is the dignity of a job”

In addition to insulting farmers and industrial workers, Bloomberg has insulted women and black Americans. Time and again, Bloomberg has insulted and blasted middle and working class America and what I don’t understand is why any middle and working class as well as farmers, industrial workers, women and black Americans would even entertain voting for the socialist dictator who sees himself as some sort of god.