It was all pile on Bernie during an extremely contentious Democratic debate in South Carolina. With South Carolina’s primary coming up on Saturday, all of the other candidates leveled pot shots against current frontrunner, Bernie Sanders.

The independent Senator from Vermont faced sustained attacks from all sides in Tuesday night’s rowdy Democratic debate, as the self-described democratic socialist, now the race’s undisputed frontrunner, parried multiple claims that his sweeping plans were little more than an expensive path to a “catastrophic,” down-ballot massacre for Democrats in November.

Warren attacked Sanders for being ineffective. Pete Buttigieg said Russia is helping Sanders, as U.S. intelligence has stated because the senator serves Putin’s purposes. “Russia wants chaos, and chaos is what’s coming our way,” Buttigieg said. “Imagine spending the better part of 2020 with Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump.”

Tom Steyer warned about having the government “take over the private sector.” Biden mentioned the mass shooting in a black Charleston church in 2015 and noted that Sanders voted against the Brady gun-control bill five times, which prompted Sanders to acknowledge that it was a mistake.

Later on, Biden and Buttigieg ganged up on Sanders for praising over the decades the good things authoritarian socialist regimes had done. It prompted Sanders to say early on, “I’m hearing my name mentioned a little bit. I wonder why.”

The forum, coming ahead of Saturday’s primary in South Carolina and next week’s pivotal Super Tuesday contests, was easily the most contentious of the primary season to date.

So who won what looked like a 2 hour long street fight?

Most people believe that Sanders lost, not faring well under all of the heat, but whether or not that turns into changing his frontrunner status at voting booths in the upcoming critical primaries, remains to be seen.

Michael Bloomberg again had a dismal performance, proving only that he is no longer a viable candidate, no matter how big his wallet is.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and former VP Joe Biden, both fared better than either of them had in recent debates, which is something they both needed to keep their floundering campaigns alive. But, again, I do not think they were outstanding enough to topple Sanders from his current frontrunner status, even though that seemed to be the combined goal of every other candidate on that stage.

There is now a palpable fear among the Democratic Party that the self-described socialist will be their nominee, and that is something that has many people worried, with one notable exception – Donald J. Trump!

2 thoughts on “Sanders Salvaged in Democratic Debate”
  1. The attacks on Sanders by Biden and others won’t cut the ice in toppling him. While they made their attacks in attempts to discredit and humiliate Sanders, they failed miserably and didn’t present any viable solutions in contrast to Sanders. So far their solutions from previous debates will raise taxes and medical care and plunge the nation into mass depression and high unemployment and poverty.

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