While they remain in quarantine, a group of American passengers have been evacuated from a Japanese cruise ship, and are back on US soil.

The chartered flights carrying the Americans who were stuck on the quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan, touched down in on air force bases in California and Texas.

The State Department has announced 14 of the passengers tested positive for the deadly coronavirus, but were still allowed to board the aircraft, to come to the US, where they would remain in isolation.

All the passengers airlifted from the contaminated vessel will undergo a 14 day quarantine and some are struggling with the thought of two more weeks of seclusion.

“They have sent over a dozen emails assuring us that there would not be an additional quarantine, and they just told us that we would be re-quarantined for 14 more days,” stated cruise ship passenger Karey Maniscalo. “I’ve just lost a whole month of my life.”

Others who were on board said they are grateful to the president and the U.S. government for rescuing them from the virus stricken vessel.

China has recently updated the number of coronavirus cases to 70,635, which includes 1,772 deaths. However, White House officials have repeatedly said that they are suspicious about the accuracy of China’s reporting of coronavirus cases. Over this past weekend, administration officials said that the U.S. “did not have high confidence in the information coming from China regarding the number of those affected by the disease.”

3 thoughts on “US Passengers on Cruise Ship Have Been Evacuated Under Quarantine”
  1. While the Coronavirus begins slowly to subside in China, it will continue to spread throughout the rest of the world including the United States. We and the rest of the developed world within 3 to 6 months be able to control the virus with some new developed cures and vaccines along with some reduction in cases. Other places in the undeveloped world such as the African Continent will continue with the virus NOT having the medical technology and resources to cure it. IF for some reason China begins to infiltrate and take over in many Sub Saharan African countries with their medical cures and political control, then the Coronavirus could be stopped before it merges and mutates with Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. IF not then these two will mutate and merge for a major incurable super virus that will linger maybe for years in the African Continent. This means Sub Saharan Africa will be quarantined for a long time with NO travel into and out of this region.

  2. One of the top health officials in NY have all but said they are bogus. Korea increases are more in line. Chinese economic infrastructure is at great risk so understating is a tool that will backfire. They may be 100 tims what China is saying. Gnews is a news service. From China, as is Ten Cent.

  3. What precautions are being taken with apparently infected evacuees is one question. Another is or might be the following. What is the reliability of Chinese statements/claims regarding this infection.

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