The media wants you to think that Joe Biden is a “moderate,” but his views, and potential policies are much further left of center then they would like you to believe.

This is mainly due to the fact that while Bernie Sanders may have missed his chance to finally head the Democratic ticket, he still holds considerable clout. Which is why Joe Biden has been busy wooing the Vermont socialist’s supporters in the weeks since the last democratic primary. “Senator Sanders and I may disagree on tactics,” Biden said recently. “But we share a common vision.”

That’s good to keep in mind as the media tries to cover up Mr. Biden’s recent leftward lurches and convert him into a “moderate” to seem less scary to centrist voters in November.

Make no mistake, both Bernie and Biden are driving this country toward a socialist cliff, the only difference is that Bernie was doing it in a bright red Ferrari and Biden is using  a baby blue 1969 VW Beetle, but same cliff, same destination – different speeds.

There is nothing moderate about either of them.

They both oppose any restrictions on abortion — even parental consent for minors — and want to force taxpayers to subsidize them. Likewise, Bernie and Joe want “free” tuition to four-year state colleges, although Joe limits the largesse to millions of families making under $125,000. Both want taxpayers to pony up to cover billions in outstanding student loans.

Both advocate advancing toward a single-payer health care system, which is code for socialist medicine. Bernie wants an outright government takeover, with his “Medicare for All” putting private insurers out of business and costing more than $30 trillion over a decade. Joe proposes an expanded version of Obamacare, with a new “public option,” which would cost “only” $750 billion over 10 years and would get us to Bernie’s dream, just not as fast.

Both want federally subsidized child care, with nothing for stay-at-home parents. Joe’s is means-tested, while Bernie wants it for every single child, no matter how rich the parents. This indicates that his plan is less about helping hard-pressed parents with costs than getting kids into an institutional setting as soon as possible — a longtime goal of the left.

Both Bernie and Joe want to overturn most of the Trump tax cuts that unleashed the economy before the coronavirus tanked it. They want to impose new taxes on those they deem “the rich.”

Both support the entire LGBTQ agenda, including “The Equality Act,” which would effectively criminalize Christianity and empower the government to enforce the left’s frontal assault on the moral order. Joe has proclaimed transgender rights “the civil rights issue of our time.”

On immigration, the Dems agree on reversing most of Mr. Trump’s policies. Both want free health care for illegal immigrants. Bernie would end deportations and raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and halt construction of the border wall. Joe would raise the refugee admissions cap from 18,000 to 125,000 and throw $4 billion into Central America to help stop the flow. As far as the wall, Joe once supported funding for part of it, but has been evasive of late.

And, Biden has embraced much of the whacky “Green New Deal,” proposed by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and endorsed by Sanders. On the stump Biden has embraced more and more of this cockeyed scheme. He now wants to end fossil fuel subsidies and ban any new oil and gas permits on public lands. Like Bernie, he would have the United States re-enter the Paris climate treaty, which would put the United States under emission reductions dictated from Europe.

There’s much more to this picture, but Mr. Biden is going to have to walk a fine line, one that will pull him increasingly left, in order to keep the Bernie legions happy without frightening the Boomers, who vote in far more dependable numbers.

6 thoughts on “Despite His Far Left Views, Liberal Media Tries to Paint Biden As a Moderate”
  1. I don’t believe Quid pro quo even understand where he is most of the time much less what he stands for (Far Left or Moderate). The media will paint him the way they want that fits their agenda. They will do anything to get rid of Trump and mislead the American people.

  2. Yes Sir! There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Biden is on the same trajectory as Bernie. The only difference is, like running a sailboat, Uncle Joe is just tacking in a wider direction, but the destination is the same. This has been the case for years with these so-called moderate Democrats and we have seen it clearly in the last election, when they won the House of Representatives. We have seen a huge shift in the Democrat party, from slow, Socializing to a full on attempt, in turning our nation into a Nation without Borders, Free Enterprise or Morality. Governments have never been able to protect people from themselves and their Amoral behavior.

  3. Joe the brain drain Biden, he is to old to be Moderate, what ever the media calls it. To the Liberal Media, this Jew is voting for Trump.

  4. Can you imagine how the country will be ran if this clown won ? And half the country thinks he’s the best deal for us . I don’t know who’s worse old Joe or the fools voting for him . I just don’t get it … how can they look at old Joe in left field and think … yep he’s the man for the job . This clown doesn’t even know what he’s running for . Senate or president ??? Guess he really don’t care which as long as he feels like he won something . I am not worryed abut old Joe … he’s already lost in left field . It’s who’s going to replace him if he wins that scares me . You know their not going to old Joe make any big decision about the country . But who will make them is what worry me . This is if old Joe wins … but I doubt he had any chance to win .
    Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere


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