Disgusted With the Dems, African Americans Are Turning in Droves to Trump!

President Donald J. Trump is faring much better among African-American voters than Democrats would have you believe!

In fact, Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott predicted that President Trump will get at least 12% of the black vote in 2020, a 50% increase from the 8% he got in 2016.

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“And that is Game over,” he said. “Think about a top-tier Democratic candidate that talks about harassing African-American males through stop-and-frisk,” Scott said, referring to Mike Bloomberg when he was mayor of New York City. “Compare that against President Trump’s criminal justice reform packages that are making the justice system more fair for African-Americans disproportionally than it has been in a long time.”

Scott continued, “President Trump is not just talking a good game, he is walking a good game.”

Meanwhile, The Rev. Todd Johnson’s of North Philadelphia said his parishioners deal with gun violence, poverty, and a lack of affordable housing — much of which he blames on Democrats who have controlled the city for decades.

“I support Donald Trump not because he’s perfect but he’s a Republican and I believe in Republican ideology,” Johnson said. “I believe in smaller government. I believe the government should get out of the way and let the free market do what it does.”

While Trump may have only captured just 8 percent of the black vote in 2016, recent polls suggest things could be different this time around.

In November, an Emerson poll reported a 34.5 percent approval rating among black voters, and a January Gallup poll reported a 14 percent increase in satisfaction over race relations among Americans.

The Trump campaign is opening field offices in swing states targeted directly at attracting black voters.

The offices are planned for 15 cities with large African American communities and will be used for campaign events and activities, as well as meet-and-greets with surrogates.

“We see the numbers coming up in the polls and the demand on the ground when we do these types of events, so it’s really important that we take this next step and really bring those voters into the party,” said Katrina Pierson, a senior Trump campaign adviser.

The campaign is leasing locations in areas with high potential for foot traffic in cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Milwaukee. In the critical swing state of Florida, the campaign is opening at least five of these offices, including locations in Tampa, Tallahassee and Miami.

If these offices prove successful, campaign officials say they may also open similar spaces aimed at Latinos and veterans and other targeted voter groups.