U.S. Attorney John Durham announced earlier this week that he has charged a man with threatening to kill House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff!

Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut who is leading the Justice Department’s review of the Russia investigators, sent out a press release noting he charged Robert Phelps of Torrington, Connecticut, “with threatening to assault and murder a U.S. official, which carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years, and with making interstate threats, which carries a maximum term of imprisonment of five years.”

Phelps, 62, was arrested on March 13 after allegedly sending Schiff a vulgar and violent email on Nov. 12 telling the Democrat, “I want to kill you” and “smash your … face in,” according to court documents and statements made in court. Investigators interviewed Phelps at his Torrington residence and allegedly confirmed that Phelps sent the threatening communication.

After appearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge William Garfinkel in Bridgeport, Phelps was released on a $25,000 bond.

The alleged threatening actions taken by Phelps, undertaken in the middle of Schiff-guided impeachment proceedings against President Trump, were detailed in a newly unsealed six-page affidavit by FBI special agent Daniel Heether.

The complaint said Phelps sent Schiff’s office a “threatening communication” through his schedule-a-meeting website in November.

“You little c—sucker I want to come and see you so I can spit in your face and I want to kill you with my bare hands and smash your sick little round fat lying face in,” the message said. “You had better hope I never meet up with you mother f—er.”

The message was signed by “Robert M. Phelps Republican.”

“Measure Your Coffin Day”

The email included Phelps’s full name, address, phone number, and email. For his organization, he listed “Lyingc—suckerclub.shittyshiffy” and for the names of additional participants he listed “NANCY PIGLOSI DUMOCRATIC RETARDS.” For the preferred day of the week for the meeting, the message stated, “Measure your Coffin day.”

Investigators interviewed Phelps at his home in earlier December, and he “admitted to sending the email to Congressman Schiff but did not see the message as threatening,” according to the complaint. Phelps allegedly said he had a right to contact members of Congress and defend “his president.” When investigators had him review the message, Phelps said he was a Republican and repeated that he needed to protect “his president.”

The complaint further stated that, “Phelps asked investigators if they were in his home because Senator Blumenthal and that the Democrats that are involved in the impeachment proceedings against the president should be arrested.” The affidavit also notes that “Phelps stated that he would not send any more threatening emails.”

Durham, who was selected by Attorney General William Barr to be his right-hand man in the effort to investigate the origins of the FBI’s Russia-related investigation of Trump’s campaign, is expected to complete his inquiry by the end of the summer.

43 thoughts on “Durham Charges Man Who Threatened to Kill Schiff!”
  1. But all those who threatened to kill President Trump skate. Great another POS in Durham.

  2. Then if they are gonna charge him how the hell come they havent charged Schumer for standing on the steps and threatining 2 Supreme Court Judges???? If its good for one should be the same for the other.

  3. Let’s see what happens to this man for threatening a government official.
    We know what’s going to happen to Schumer for threatening two SCOTUS judges on the stairs of the Supreme Court building absolutely nothing because he’s a Democrat. Emails can’t be heard by the general public but a loud and heavily covered by new threat in public heard by millions is totally ok ????

  4. Ok ,, now what about Shumer and his threat is recorded??????? Or is he among the privileged????

  5. If they are charging this person, how about all the people that have threatened our President and there are plenty. They need to stop the double standard and go by the law. I am sick of all the BS.

  6. Durham has a job to do if he doesn’t Dems will say it’s a coverup. Unfortunately this guy just went too far his threats were real and they need to be investigated if he had made those same threats to you wouldn’t you want him investigated and prosecuted? We can’t be like the Dems turn our backs and pretend not to see anything when it’s one of own. That’s the demise of freedom liberty and justice for all we are losing !

  7. So Mr. Phelps is being charged for threatening a Congressman, which he should have been. So, why hasn’t Chuck Schumer been charged for threatening two Supreme Court Judges?

  8. So it’s OK to say you want yo kill president trump but not any delusional democrats . Nice job on that one dumb ass’s . The delusional democrats should be killed for being so stupid and telling other delusional democrats to attack any that vote for trump . I didn’t see anything being done about that … funny isn’t it . You delusional democrats are corrupt as all hell and do need to be hit on that he heads with a big rock .I can imagine at some point the people are going that he get real tired of your corruption and take that the law into their own hands and dish out justice for your corrupt ways . Just remember one things tho that will be your own fault if it happens for failure to up hole our laws for everyone . So far your only working for one side … the delusional democrats

  9. Think about this. For weeks we haven’t heard peep one from Bill Barr. Look at all the threats towards Donald Trump coming from Democrat after another. Robert Phelps threatens Adam Schiff, and before you know it. He is charged. You know I am starting to think Bill Barr is part of the Deep State, and not really interested in justice. He is interested in protecting the corrupt politicians in our government.

  10. I agree, what about that? OH that’s right, he’s a Democrat. He could shoot the President on live television, and all Attorney General Bill Barr would do is say he would investigate. Then go back to the buffet table.

  11. I agree, what about that? OH that’s right, he’s a Democrat. He could shoot the President on live television, and all Attorney General Bill Barr would do is say he would investigate. Then go back to the buffet table.

  12. And what about Chuck Schumers threat a week back. Knock knock, Bill Barr, is anyone at home?

  13. Why is it that all the people, including Hollywood stars, who have threatened Trump are still walking around spewing their hate? Is it OK to kill the President but not Schiff?

  14. Of course, an example is made of a citizen that’s probably a Trump supporter but nothing happen to the deep state traitors, Communists or Progressives that are systematically attempting to destroy our country!

  15. See what happens if ur a Republican? U get arrested. If he were a Democrat, nothing would happen!! Shummer didn’t get arrested when he threatened TWO chief justices! Damn double standards in this country. Democrats can say and do anything… because they know nothing will happen. People are fed up with this, then they get radical.

  16. When people who act like high School kids categorizing as Democrat or Republican and constantly use anger and hate when talking about a seat of our country this is the result. The party they are affiliated with shouldn’t be them. They are people doing a job we the people gave them. Each party should have the respect for the other. After all we are one country. They act like we are two different countries building a case to not vote for the other. The purpose of canvassing is to sell your self. The purpose of debating is to put out your points to win,, not to battle. This is not what adults do. They accept a position of great importance and stress with the mind set to stay calm and clear minded to react for betterment of this country the USA. The citizens start to react as they see the leaders. Chaos will follow.

  17. That is wonderful. Now arrest and charge Chuck Schumer for threatening not one but two federal officials. Arrest and charge the dozens of so-called celebrities who have threatened the President of the United States, his family and members of his administration. Arrest and charge James Comey, John Brennan, et al for their participation in an attempted coup against our country.

  18. If they gave Schumer a pass for threatening Supreme Court Judges then Phelps should get a bigger pass because he was stressed by the downright unfair way Schiff and the house democrats were conducting their fake unlawful impeachment inquiry and hearings!

  19. Now go arrest all the libtards that have threatened to harm and kill Trump and many in his administration…can start with that big mouth congresswoman from California….Maxine Waters! But, there are dozens 9f Hollywood types that should not be getting away with their violent threats as well!

  20. Schiff and Plusie NEEDS TO BE HUNG FOR THE BULLSHIT THE ARE DOING ! ! ! ! ! !

  21. Why is it that the republicans never charged any of these democrats who threaten the president but the democrats do prosecute? Personally would have been nice if he successes. I think most Americans would rejoice to see Schiff go.


  23. shiff and pelosi are disgusting scumbags and need to pay some kind of price for what they did to this country. I hope durham is just as hard on these democrat assholes as he was on this guy


  25. Probably a precedent so when he charges Demonratz & Commies he can look “Bi-Partisan”.

  26. I laugh. With all the people that have threatened harm to Trump, and his family, nothing gets done, or said.
    I know this is not kind, but if someone killed Shit, the world would keep on spinning. Maybe even better.

  27. So why aren’t all the people that threatened our President being prosecuted????

  28. Would like to see the same “QUICK ACTION” against Scummer Schumer for threatening our Supreme Court justices. Also the red headed idiot that held up the fake severed head of President Trump……OUR PRESIDENT!!!!

  29. Mr Phelps DID one thing wrong…….he spoke his mind out loud. His verbal announcement has half the country behind him, because of the fact that DEMONCRATS “NEVER” get in any trouble for threatening our president, the commander in chief of our United States. Water head maxine, can cause public violence, not a problem, robert d’ knuckhead, can threaten our President, not a problem. You know the saying “what comes around, goes around” well, when the wrath of the country gets sick of it, it will be on your hands. Did you notice that I don’t capitalize any nitwits names, they DON’T DESERVE any respect.

  30. Yeah…..well when is Durham going to get to the government criminals like Schiff???? I’ve seen nothing but talk from both him and Barr so far.

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