As a coronavirus (COVID-19) protection measure, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ordered that illegal immigrants who are caught at the US-Mexico border shall be immediately returned to Mexico rather than detained. And so far, it’s working beautifully.

The measure, which is authorized under the Public Health Act, went into effect on Friday, March 20. The Department of Homeland Security indicated that illegal crossings had already gone down by 50% on the first day, and referred to the new policy as a “major win for the country,” according to a report by the Washington Times.

The decree also closes US borders to all traffic apart from those deemed essential, and it also applies to the Canadian border.

Illegal immigrants pose a particular public health hazard because they are usually not carrying any identification or medical history documents. And once they are placed in detention, “social distancing” becomes an impossibility, and it puts other detainees – as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and facility staff – at risk of being exposed to the virus.

Amnesty International has objected to the decision, however, claiming that the border closure will prevent refugees from entering the US and endanger children who are travelling without a parent. “This is cruel, short-sighted, and opportunistic,” Charanya Krishnaswami of Amnesty International said. “Every person has the right to seek safety. Full stop.”

The issue of stopping illegal immigrants has become a contentious issue since President Trump’s election in 2016, with Democrats doing everything in their power to try to keep the borders open. We are continually told that closing the borders to illegals is impossible, or else that it will cause irreparable economic damage to the country.

It seems that it’s been done now, however, and the effect so far has been a definite positive for ordinary American citizens, who are now safer. So the question becomes, if it’s really this easy, why isn’t this the way things are all the time?

11 thoughts on “Illegal border crossings drop 50% first day of the emergency shutdown”
  1. The Democratic politicians are the ones who wanted the borders opened for decades and who did not want to impose the Federal immigration laws! I think they have their own personal agenda why they are pro illegal immigration that benefits them secretly. Also The past presidents of this great country had kept silent about illegal immigrations and did not do anything to imposed the federal law because they did not have the “balls” to do it!

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  3. Whenever trump tries to do what’s good for the nation jackasses Pelosi and Schumer block him. Go figure

  4. Don’t worry as soon as this is over Nancy will be spending some of that 350 million she got for illegals to bring them over. God forbid we have an election without illegal and dead votes.

  5. The Mexican border needs to be sealed permanently to all but essential traffic. NO ONE has the right to enter the United States without permission. Additionally, all of these so called “political refugees” are nothing more than people wanting to mooch off United States taxpayers. We need to get DEADLY SERIOUS – AND I MEAN DEADLY – about protecting our borders!

  6. What Amnesty International ignores is that since “everyone deserves safety,” doesn’t that include those of us already here? Turning away those people who may have the virus, prevents the spread of it here. That makes us safer. Keeping the borders open denies us that safety. Putting the people who come across illegally into detention, denies them that safety from the disease. Therefore, closing the borders is the only reasonable and logical solution to providing everyone safety.

  7. Quote: “Every person has the right to seek safety. Full stop.” Yes they do. Everyone has the right to seek safety LEGALLY.

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