The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the oldest radical Islamic terrorist organizations in the world, and its tendrils reach all over the globe, with branches in more than 70 countries. President Trump sought to designate it as a terrorist organization in 2019. And now, one of their activists – based in New York – is telling its members to use the coronavirus (COVID-19) as a weapon to attack Egyptian embassies and consulates.

Bahgat Saber is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he has more than 70,000 followers on social media. He posted a video earlier this month encouraging his followers to make use of the coronavirus as a biological warfare weapon. “When you talk to people, they say to you, ‘We don’t have machine guns, we don’t have F-16 planes, we don’t have this and that,’” he says in it. “But now you have the coronavirus culture.”

Saber’s goal? Toppling the Egyptian government and replacing it with an Islamist one. He urges anyone who is exhibiting possible coronavirus symptoms to “pay a visit” to Egyptian consulates and embassies in order to infect the staff there, referring to them as “licentious villains and sons of bitches.”

In the video, Saber claims that if he becomes ill he will go to the Egyptian consulate in New York City.

Of course, Saber realizes, it’s possible that the staff at these centers will not let a person exhibiting coronavirus symptoms from entering. No problem, Saber the master strategist tells his viewers: “Just wait for them and sneeze on their cars as they pass by.”

Saber has even stronger words for Muslim Brotherhood fanatics in Egypt, urging them to visit courthouses, military installations, and police stations if they become ill – not just with the coronavirus, but with any contagious disease. He also encourages them to try to infect members of the media and businessmen who support the current government.

“Exact revenge!” Saber orders his followers.

He seems unaware of it, but Saber is already exhibiting symptoms of illness – mental illness. It’s amazing that people like him are allowed to preach their messages of hate in the United States unmolested by law enforcement – but this is the result of Americans’ fervent beliefin free speech, even when it is to their own detriment.

Our one consolation can be that Saber is clearly so far removed from reality that anyone who follows his instructions is more likely to become a threat to themselves than anyone else.

12 thoughts on “NY Muslim Brotherhood activists target Egypt with the coronavirus”
  1. Bullshit, free speech is one thing, but threatening people’s lives is NOT free speech. He should be taken out, deported, or arrested for attempt to incite murder on American citizens.

  2. Yeah and we have 2 Muslims in Congress. They are trying to take over the United States the legal way. We need them out.

  3. Seems like he’s breaking the law by threatening people through the use of germ warfare.

  4. Islam is a religion of Hatred and Violence! It is a terrorist organization and all members are terrorists if they follow the Koran which calls for it’s members to kill anyone who is not Muslim!!! So all Muslims need to be imprisoned!!!

  5. Knowing who these people are they should be deported from our country. NONE should be allowed to stay here. Get them the hell out

  6. Had this been an American citizen he’d be locked up, but being a Muslim nothing will happen. Threatening to us the virus is the same a terroristic threat. What’s that democrats..Muslims are friendly and non threatening. When they blow more than they did with the twin towers up maybe then you’ll wise up. But wait that’ll be Trump’s fault right? Idiots, they don’t belong in our culture. It’s been proven time and time again. It is a radical religion, no scratch that, cult that believes and encourages violence. Look at the squad as an example. Democrats are going to get us killed on a massive scale when their political correctness is more important than our lives. Now they want to put another Muslim in office. The first ruined our country already.

  7. The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, if we do not have the strength of the Law to get this Nazi/Klan outfit out of here in America, then Hitler and Hajj El Hussainni Mohammad Amin’s rising from the past history of the grave.

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