Duncan Lemp, a 21-year-old computer programmer from Potomac, Maryland, was gunned down by a SWAT team as he slept on March 12.

The Montgomery County Police Department claims that officers from the Special Operations Division – Tactical Unit were attempting to serve a high-risk search warrant to Mr. Lemp pertaining to firearms offenses at 4:30 AM on Thursday. They claim that as officers were in the process of serving the warrant, Lemp confronted them and was fatally wounded by an officer.

Mr. Lemp’s parents and brother were also in the home at the time of the shooting. They have denied the police version of events through their attorney, Rene Sandler. They say that officers in fact fired through an outside window, killing him while he was still asleep. Mr. Lemp’s girlfriend was also shot during the incident, but survived.

Sandler has claimed that no one in the home at the time of the shooting heard any warning from the police before they opened fire. The law specifies that police are only authorized to use lethal force when there is an imminent threat to their safety; it would seem unlikely that a sleeping individual could pose such a threat.

Additionally, ABC obtained a copy of the warrant and reported that there is no reference to it being high-risk. High-risk warrants can only be obtained when a suspect is believed to pose an imminent threat to the public or law enforcement; however, there is no reference to Mr. Lemp being an imminent threat in it. Neither Lemp or anyone else who was in the house at the time has any criminal record, according to Sandler.

Montgomery County police claim that the warrant was issued in response to a complaint from the public that Mr. Lemp was in possession of firearms that he was prohibited from owning.

The police have said that the shooting is still under investigation. However, past instances of law enforcement using lethal force against lawful gun owners show that it is unlikely that there will be any serious repercussions for the officers involved in Mr. Lemp’s murder.

Lemp was active on social media and made his support for the Second Amendment well-known, including posting photographs of AR-15 rifles. It is possible that this is what attracted law enforcement’s interest.

“He was pro-America and supported wholeheartedly all the protections of the Constitution,” Sandler told the media. “We believe that the body camera footage and other forensic evidence from this event will support what Duncan’s family already knows: that he was murdered.”

29 thoughts on “Pro-Gun advocate murdered by police while he slept”
  1. It is sad that apparently someone was looking to score something to make them look good.
    Have to wait and see if the body cams were turned on or if they police “forgot” to turn them on. Was in law enforcement for a few years and support officers who do the RIGHT thing when doing their job.

  2. I would not be surprised if he was murdered. Officers that join these special teams are much like athletes and the people that join our special forces teams they are gungho and get themselves hyped up before a game or event which is all it takes to go over board.

  3. Seems to me that your head lines, do not agree with what actually happen! That is no way to
    report Events like this, in order to get readers to open up and read your stories.

  4. We have various tv shows dedicated to “cops” there needs to be show called “flops” when law enforcement fails. We are all human and need to revert to keeping our opinion to ourselves, especially on social media.

  5. It is going to get worse folks, Maryland legislature and Governor are rabidly anti-gun and it is they that the Citizens of Maryland are going to have to deal with. All I have to say is that I am damn glad I do not live in that Communist Controlled State.

  6. Did someone falsely accused Mr. Lemp of being a threat? He had no criminal background. Usually when someone it a threat to themselves or those around him/her there have been previous complaints filed. Who is responsible, the police or the false filer?

  7. The police state at its finest, shoot first and cover up the questions on an illegal operation they did. Surprised they didnt list it as a suicide.

  8. If these charges are substantiated, it is a huge blot on the Montgomery Police department. However, I think it unlikely that the body camera footage will be “found”. My best friend served for a while in the Montgomery Police and he didn’t stay long–too much corruption.

  9. This is how government will disarm America. We are at war, and the communist are attacking, and killing people. We aren’t even fighting back. The Police were serving a warrant based on someone telling Police Lang had illegal weapons with no prof, and they killed him. The headline to this story is as usual for the Media missleading. It should read “Communist Gustopo Police Force shoot a gun owner to death as he slept”. then the story should read. Communist Gustopo Police force with no prof of legal gun owner owing illegal weapons. Shoot and kill gun owner as he slept. Police say the investigation/cover-up is on going.

  10. Police will “Lose” the evidence. No Knock Warrants are Bullshit & regularly get innocent people injured, maimed & killed. It would be nice to see the murdering cop Bastard DIE!

  11. its ok to own guns but not AR-15 assault rifles,there are plenty of guns to protect yourself you don’t need these rifles see the damage they do in schools and churches

  12. A very real example of what happens when red flag laws are implemented. ANYONE can make a complaint that results in something like this happening. Complaint doesn’t even have to have much validity, it can be made by someone as removed from actual knowledge of the individual as seeing a post on social media with no idea about how that person actually lives their lives. Disgusting that the knee jerk reactions of police to those complaints has cost an innocent gun-owner their life. In fairness, the individual that made the complaint should be charged with a crime and the police officer who took the shot should be be investigated although that sure seems to mean a ‘white wash’ of culpability.

  13. Be careful on what you decide. To many people make rapid decisions before the entire facts are available usually blaming the Police

  14. The jack-booted thugs strike again. Maybe the warrants for firearms abuse should have been issued against them. It sure doesn’t make me feel safe to sleep in my own home.

  15. I see this as the beginning of American’s rights – and the 2nd Amendment is going to fade away. This man was targeted by someone making a complaint that he had firearms, and also this man posted on social media about the concerns of his 2nd Amendment Rights. The article said when the cops went in he approached them so they killed him. The article didn’t say whether or not the man was pointing or holding a firearm. ☠

  16. Yet another pro-gun conservative murdered by the Stazi police because he supports our Representative Republic and the Constitution . I am here to tell you that the socio-communists that have taken over the Democrat party will stop at nothing to get their way !

  17. That is another example of how the Democraps work. I wonder if there was any fact to what brought on the raid or it was just the use of the Democrap law.

  18. I, Maureen, if found dead from gunshot wound or anything un natural, did not commit suicide. Just like Philip Haney, former Homeland security for Obama, who told Haney and Clinton to delete emails concerning terrorism. Haney downloaded emails to a thumdrive, which was missing from his body he wore around his neck. His book- See something, say nothing, reveals names and info about corruption.

  19. It will be another case of the police investigating the police and they will find no wrongdoing. Its always the way. There needs to be an independant panel that does the investigation. Probably dating one of the cops daughter or pissed one of them off. Somehow the body cam footage with mysteriously get deleted during download. Its sad that you cant trust half the police anymore

  20. Yeap they have already started trying to figure out a good lie. Saying the warrant stated he was an imminent threat when there wssnt anything in the warrant that stated that. He was probably bangin the cops girlfriend or something else to get a hit put on him.

  21. Yea same story different day. The police will now investigate them selves and find no wrong doing. The wrong doing started when they didnt do any investigation. Just acting on a tip. How does that even get a warrant signed by a judge??? There needs to be an independant group do the investigations. Once a few of these corrupt lazy cops go to jail a lot of this bullshit would stop. Need to ask the judge that signed the warrant what grounds he autherized it on also.

  22. Why is there only an outcry when Duncan is killed? I’m assuming he’s Caucasian. No one on the Republican side stood up when Philando Castile was shot by rogue police officers. He was legally carrying a concealed weapon. Oh, but I guess he was the wrong color to have the NRA or white Americans speak out on his behalf. Who knew people are so passionate about cops getting off with murder. I guess you all only get upset when the right/white American is killed.

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