Not even Kim Kardashian could save Nathanial Woods – the man who was convicted of planning an ambush against three police officers in 2004.

Here’s what happened:

Woods was hanging out with his friend Kerry Spencer when a pair of police tried to arrest him on drug charges. There was an argument; threats were exchanged.

Later that day, two police officers were killed and a third wounded when they approached a suspected drug house in Birmingham, Alabama with the intent to arrest Woods and Spencer.

According to prosecutors, Woods lured the police officers into the house and Spencer shot them. Woods and Spencer both received the death penalty.

Woods, with support from Kardashian, Martin Luther King III (the son of Martin Luther King Jr.), and Spencer, claimed he was innocent.

“Nathaniel Woods is 100% innocent, I know that to be a fact because I’m the person that shot and killed all three of the officers,” wrote Spencer. “Nathaniel Woods doesn’t even deserve to be incarcerated, much less executed.”

Woods was convicted by 10 of 12 jurors. The Supreme Court issued a stay of execution this week but then reversed the decision, leading to Woods’s execution Friday morning by lethal injection. Spencer remains on death row (for now).

Martin Luther King III described the execution as a “mockery of justice,” while Kardashian said her “heart and payers are with Nate and his family.”

Woods’s death marks the first execution in Alabama this year. The state conducted three executions last year, two in 2018, and three in 2017.

Alabama – which is the only state that will enforce the death penalty without a unanimous vote – conducted 66 executions between 2019 and 1976, when the death penalty was reinstated.

To compare, Texas conducted 566 executions during that period followed by Virginia with 113, Oklahoma with 112, and Florida with 99.

6 thoughts on “Suspect Executed in Alabama Despite Celebrity Intervention”
  1. What I want to know is … why did it take so Long to kill him. . It’s 2020 and he killed cops in 2004 ? What he did was 1st degree murder. That means you die for it . What the hell are the butter Flys of Hollywood doing to save a killer . I wonder if they would feel differently if it was them or their families getting gunned down like that . How stupid do you have to be to feel sorry for a dumb ass that planned to kill the cops . Please pass a law that let’s us kill stupid Hollywood acters for being so Damm stupid . And add any of the delusional democrats that do the same …. hell make it a yone that thinks like that … they don’t deserve to live .or at least let us hit on the head with a big rock . maybe that would knock some scents into them. God help us from all the stupid people out there . Hollywood has really fallen from grace . The now so called acters put shame on the real stars of yesterday . Their turning over in their graves from the dumb ass acters of today . Shame on them for being so Damm stupid

  2. And he should of been executed for killing three police officers. Every dirt bag who kills anyone should be executed period. If you knew you would face dying if you committed murder maybe you’d think twice before doing so but nooooooo, the bleeding hearts want all of us to pay for them to be housed and fed and cared for for life. Heck no, do unto them as they have done unto others period.

  3. Since I was not at the trial, I have to believe that 10 people were convinced of the story’s line about Woods setting the police up to be killed. Even if Spencer pulled the trigger, to let Woods go free would have been the injustice. I’m assuming that Spencer will pay the price in the near future, rather than having the tax payer provide for his upkeep.

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