When looking at the title of this article, The Vimanas, it reads like it’s detailing a story about a family from a place I’ve never been to.  Well, this story is not about a family like the Walton’s but rather anti-gravitational airships from ancient India.  When looking back at the ancient story of the Vimanas, we are actually uncovering the true Star Wars story.

If you ask me, fiction mimics life.  Life is even stranger than fiction.  We heard that before.  The more I learn the more I know that there is a whole lot more that needs to be learned and that humanity’s history is exponentially far more complicated and intricate than we have been taught.  Take Vimanas for instance.  The Bible itself describes examples of what some would call UFO’s, spaceships, sky chariots, and also Vimanas.  Oh yeah, I left one out.  The Merkabah.  In Ezekiel 1, a Merkabah is described to be an angelic chariot.  By the way, what exactly is a Vimana supposed to be anyway?

A Vimana is a physical anti-gravity vehicle that can travel through fluid, air, and ethers.  They ate often symbolized by a winged disc in many ancient paintings and artifacts.  The propulsion systems were based on highly advanced concepts of mercury plasma magnetic vortexes.  There is a group of people called the Keepers of the Secrets in Tibet that have the best records of these Vimana airships but there are images of Vimanas found all around the world.  Tibetan scripts called the Tibetan Kanjur and Tenjur: Secrets of the Watchers and the Asuras speak of gods appearing in the sky being transported by luminous silvery spheres in which they lived.  The Vymaanika Shaastra is another ancient Indian text which breaks down instructions on how to actually build a Vimana flying ship.  The writing indicates that the propulsion systems operate under the combination of gyroscopes, mercury, and electricity.

The Indian Vimanas were used to fight the advanced group of people from the White Island in Atala.  Atala is what we now know as Antarctica.  The people from Atala were far more technologically advanced than these ancient Indians.  This was said to have taken place during the antediluvian or pre-diluvian time period which basically means before the biblical flood.  The Atalans inherited their technology fro their fathers who are said to be the Watchers.  The Watchers are Annunaki.  The Annunaki are said to be, based on Zecharia Sitchin and the Sumerian texts, an advanced group of people from a planet called Nibiru which enters our solar system every 3600 years.   This war is said to have taken place all over the world and as far out as the moon.  The Great Flood eventually over-took the White Island of Atala putting an end to their quest for world domination and control.

The information stated in texts like the Vymaanika Shaastra is proof that our reality and history are full of many mysteries.  Information left behind by the ancients is oftentimes traditionally looked at as mystical myths and fairy tales.  There is a lot more to life than what we have been told.  Explore the truth for yourself and your eyes too will be opened.