Kori Ali Muhammad, a black man who gunned down three people and fired at several others in Fresno in April 2017, has not only confessed to the killings at his trial, but has admitted that he targeted his victims only because they were white men.

On April 13, a security guard at a Motel 6 spotted Muhammad entering one of the rooms with a female guest, which was against the motel’s policy. As the guard was bringing the pair to the office, an argument began, and Muhammad shot and killed the guard at close range, and then fired at another guard and the motel itself before fleeing.

Muhammad succeeded in evading police for several days. On April 18, after police had identified him as the security guard’s killer and his image began to be broadcast on television, he went on a killing spree. He shot and seriously wounded an employee of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in a utility truck, who later died. The driver was spared because Muhammad believed he was Hispanic.

Muhammad then proceeded to fire at a 59-year-old man, but missed. He also opened fire on a passing car until he realized the occupants were Hispanic. Another man, Mark Gassett, happened to be leaving from the Catholic Charities USA building in the vicinity, and Muhammad gunned him down, firing two shots into his head after he was on the ground. He then opened fire on three men at a bus stop. Two managed to escape, but the third, an older man, was slower, and Muhammad followed him and murdered him as well.

Police officers finally arrived on the scene and arrested Muhammad. Police reports indicate that he shouted “Allahu akbar!” – “God is great,” which is a common Muslim battle cry – as he was being subdued. All of those murdered were white men.

The subsequent investigation showed that Muhammad had a long history of racism. His beliefs were a mixture of anti-government sentiments, black power ideology, Islam, and Voodoo. He had also recorded two hip-hop albums which celebrated racial conflict between whites and blacks. Muhammad admitted to officers that he had targeted white men specifically, saying that when he learned he was already wanted for murder, he wanted to make himself famous as a killer of white men.

Muhammad’s trial is now underway in a Fresno County courthouse, and he has freely confessed to all the killings and his racist motives in doing so, as reported by the local Kiro7 news site. Concerning his killing of Gassett, who he finished off with two shots to the head, Muhammad testified, “I wanted to kill him, just like the coronavirus is killing white men right now,” according to a report by Your Central Valley. Muhammad has made other statements during his trial comparing his actions to the coronavirus as well.

White men in America have been on the receiving end of a lot of blame in recent years, and all of this hate and resentment culminates in people like Kori Ali Muhammad, who decide to turn their resentment into deadly action. We are supposed to believe that whites are the sole perpetrators of racism and oppressive violence in America, but when such acts are committed by people who aren’t white, the stories get buried because they don’t fit into the mainstream media’s narrative of white guilt. And tellingly, Muhammad’s trial has received little media attention outside of local media in the Fresno area.

Hopefully, the people who Muhammad murdered, injured, and terrorized at his whim will see justice – not just in the legal system, but in the memory of their suffering receiving fair play so that it can act as a warning against other would-be anti-white killers.