The United Nations’ latest decision elevating China to a five-nation panel on its Human Rights Council is like putting al Qaeda in charge of a terrorist hunt.

GENEVA, April 2, 2020 — China was appointed on Wednesday to a United Nations Human Rights Council panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body’s human rights investigators — including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention — in a move that has sparked protest by international human rights activists.

China’s appointment to the UNHRC’s influential Consultative Group, comprised of only five nations, was announced in a letter submitted to the UNHRC on Wednesday by Oman on behalf of the Asian Group, and confirmed by a notice on the website of the UN human rights office.

China’s communist regime’s crimes against its own people, never mind the rest of humanity with regard to the coronavirus outbreak, have been well documented. China oppresses all domestic dissent and operates concentration camps; it oppresses Christian churches that refuse to toe the party line even to the point of re-writing scripture; it oppresses the Muslim Uighurs and props up the even more repressive communist North Korean dynasty; it menaces Japan, South Korea and its other regional neighbors, and on and on and on.

Prior to the plague, China was busy undermining human rights in Hong Kong via its proposed extradition law, sparking demonstrations and riots by the people there. Even now, China is working with its ally Iran, another of the world’s most repressive regimes, to pin the blame for coronavirus on the United States.

Additionally, the paranoid communists banned Winnie the Pooh to thwart bloggers from criticizing dictator Xi Xiping. Since 2018, China has built and proliferated a deeply creepy “social credit system” to monitor its subjects and turn ordinary people into informants for the state.

The fox really looks forward to “guarding” the hen house.

7 thoughts on “Jaw-Dropping: UN Puts Communist China on Human Rights Panel”
  1. This creates an opportunity for the Speaker of the House and others of her persuasion to move to decrease our “aid” to the UN in protest. I am not waiting breathlessly for it to happen as I will die first.

  2. Why would the UN put a country as bad as China on the board? They have started a chemical warfare against the rest of the world. I do not agree with what the UN has done.

  3. well if the un is doing stupid things like this all the other countries should leave,one of the worst human rights in the world,i think the people who have agreed to this should go over there and sign the documents

  4. That’s a Bucket of B S ! The UNITED STATES and We The People need to pull out away from these TWO MONEY 💰💰 Grubbing Organizations that doesn’t help the United States.

  5. Hey. Google Richie from B and watch some of his videos. He had one up today about Fausi telling his peers that Corona wasnt much more than a common cold or mild flu. Then he goes and tells everybody else completely different. Do you notice when they doing press conferences they dont social distance or wear masks?? But were supposed to. Its a load of bullshit just to see if people will comply

  6. You must be joking. Communists on a human rights council? So they can what .. end human rights? Get the phony United Nations out of the Ubited States. I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for this kind of crap!

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