Has the “Kennedy Curse” struck again?

Robert F. Kennedy’s (RFK) granddaughter and her eight-year-old son, are presumed to have drowned in a boating accident after they tried to retrieve a lost ball from a bay in a canoe.

Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, 40, and her eight-year-old son Gideon, are now feared dead after police have been searching the Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland, now as a “recovery” rather than a “rescue.”

The pair were last seen in a canoe off Chesapeake Bay on Thursday evening.

“With profound sadness, I share the news that the search for my beloved daughter Maeve and grandson Gideon has turned from rescue to recovery,” said Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and former Maryland lieutenant governor.

“My heart is crushed, yet we shall try to summon the grace of God and what strength we have to honor the hope, energy and passion that Maeve and Gideon set forth into the world,” Kennedy Townsend said. “My family thanks all for the outpouring of love and prayers as we grieve and try to bear this devastating loss.”

The presumed death of the pair is made even more tragic, as family members have said that Maeve took to the shores of Maryland to “escape the coronavirus.”

Maeve and Gideon were kicking a ball near the water, when it went into the water, her husband David McKean said.

A statement from the Maryland Natural Resources Police, which is leading the investigation, said Friday that a “preliminary investigation revealed that the pair may have been paddling the canoe from a residence in Shady Side, MD out into the bay to retrieve a ball and were unable to paddle back to shore.”

Anne Arundel Fire Captain Erik Kornmeyer said that, despite arriving within five minutes of the call, the fire dispatch was unable to reach the canoe. “Currents were pretty fast, they moved out of sight pretty quickly,” he said, adding that conditions were “rough and windy” on Thursday night.

Boats and helicopters from the fire department, the City of Annapolis Fire Department, and the United States Coast Guard quickly began to search the bay, Kornmeyer said. Over two hours later, at 7 p.m., a canoe and paddle were found several miles from where Mckean and her son were first spotted.

“At approximately 7:00 p.m., an overturned canoe, matching the approximate description of the one which the pair were in, was located,” the Natural Resources Police said.

The Kennedy Curse?

As the closest thing America has to a royal family, the Kennedy’s have been faced with decades of tragedy – leading even Edward Kennedy himself —  John and Robert’s brother — to wonder if there is a family “curse.”

Maeve and Gideon’s disappearance comes just months after the Kennedy Family mourned the death of 22-year-old Saoirse Kennedy Hill, who died of a suspected drug overdose.

The “Kennedy curse” led four of Edward’s eight siblings – half of Joseph and Rose Kennedy’s kids – to suffer violent deaths.

The most famous of course, was the assassination of John F. Kennedy during his presidency.

Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy, died in 1968 when he too, was assassinated during his campaign to become the Democratic presidential nominee.

When he was just 38, John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash.

John Jr.’s wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren tragically died in the accident with him.

Edward’s brother David Kennedy died when he was 28 of a drug overdose in 1984.

Michael, David’s son, died nearly a decade later in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado while playing football in his skis.

Kara, Edward’s daughter, died of a heart attack at age 51 in 2011.

Saorsie, Joseph and Rose’s Granddaughter, died this past August, just eight months ago.

8 thoughts on “RFK’s Granddaughter and Her Son Dead in Tragic Boating Accident!”
  1. Royal family? Get real. It IS a tragedy but don’t make more of them than they are. A family who made their money off of bootleg alcohol. I feel extremely sad for the family. I guess they didn’t take the time to put life jackets on. No ball is more important than a life jacket on the water.

  2. “Curse”? George HitlerW Bush headed the CIA OP that Killed John, Hitlery Cltoris had John-John Killed so she could Run for the NY Senate seat. Caroline just met with Trump a few days ago & it’s a “Curse” or “Coincidence” that some of her Close relatives just Died? John Kennedy took on the CIA & LOST. Robert Kennedy took on J. Edgar Poopshooter & the FBI & Robert LOST. The Kennedy’s have done Many Bad things & have had Many Bad things DONE TO THEM. It’s called The Deep State for a Reason. I still feel bad for the “Collateral Relatives”. RIP. By today’s standards John F. Kennedy would be considered a Conservative & He is a Patriot for taking on the CIA – Criminal International Agency.

  3. Sadly, the Kennedy Family never seems to have time enough to recover from one tragedy, before another befalls them. They are an example of “strength and courage” to keep on going! Prayers for the McKean family and the rest.

  4. tea YOU ARE AN IDIOT ! ! ! Tragedy . . . NOT HARDLY it’s called KARMA or actually MARY JOE KOPECHNE . . .
    people like you should should help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . . . Go have a CORONA

  5. This is so tragic. With all prayers they must say, something always so devastating seem to happen.
    Their faith will help them through these
    difficult times, but I wonder if they ever wonder what is coming next
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. This incident is a very sad event but possibly preventable. There is no mention if life preservers were worn by the victims or if they were experienced swimmers. For safety reasons, all boat occupants should have safety vests. In most states they are required. This was tragic but hopefully everyone who reads about this event will remember to always wear a life vest when they are in a small water craft.

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