Tom Rogers, the founder of MSNBC and CNBC, has a very dim view of Joe Biden’s abilities as he goes against Trump for the presidency of the United States.

Rogers says that Trump has dominated the news since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., but eventually, all eyes will turn to Biden and “Biden needs to perform.”

“The bottom line is the candidate needs to be able to articulate a clear and convincing message, and particularly when it comes to the pandemic … he’s not there yet,” Rogers continued. “And it pains me to say this, it really does, but his performance in being able to come up with a compelling narrative and a passionate storyline that really is ready for prime-time election season when it comes to talking about the legacy of Donald Trump, of mass death and economic collapse, he’s just not there yet.”

“Compelling” and “passionate”? I wouldn’t exactly define Joe Biden using those two words. Try “somnolent” and “boring.”

“His performances have been very unsatisfying and basically he’s been getting softball interviews with the exception of yours, Mika, on the sexual harassment issue,” he added in reference to Brzezinski’s interview with the former vice president earlier this month regarding assault allegations leveled against Biden by a former Senate staffer.

Rogers also argued that Biden has been helped by largely being out of the spotlight, given his performances, compared to the president. But as Election Day gets closer, the Democrat “will no longer be able to let Trump do the talking,” he added.

Why does Rogers think that Biden’s appearances will get any better? The Joe Biden hunkering down in his basement is the Joe Biden Democrats are stuck with. He’s not going to become any more coherent. He’s not going to be any funnier.

If enough Democrats realize that before the convention, they may use the Tara Reade accusations as an excuse to can him.

“Letting Trump continue to devalue his own political standing has been beneficial to Biden at a time when Biden’s own media appearances from home have unfortunately shown a worrisome inability to focus his message and articulate clearly and crisply,” Rogers explained. “As we move toward Election Day, Biden will no longer be able to let Trump do the talking. He will have to come out and present the case against Trump himself, as well as his vision for the future.”

If Rogers and other Democrats are waiting for Biden to “articulate clearly and crispy,” they should throw in the towel now. His malapropisms aren’t going to improve as the election goes along nor will his deteriorating mental state.

In the end, Biden will beat himself with little help from Trump.

9 thoughts on “MSNBC Founder Says Biden ‘Not Ready for a Prime-Time Election Season’ Against Trump”
  1. Rogers need to be put out to pasture along with Biden. Two lying, good for nothings……

  2. Biden’s not ready for anytime except to remain in his basement and go to sleep. Day by day he is losing his mind; scandals in Ukraine, China with himself and his son prove quid pro quo Joe is corrupt; Sexual assault claims by Tara Reide cannot be dismissed because creepy Joe denies them.

  3. Biden was done before he opened his pie hole.Half the time he has no idea where he’s at.And all he can reply is people who have never died will die.
    Creepy Joe your a idiot right from deliverance

  4. Not unless he wins in November. Thats why the Dumbocraps are pushing their mail in voting and vote harvesting so hard. They are finaly cleaning up some of the skeleton voters off the registers so now the Rats gotta find another way to steal this election. This is the reason they are trying to drag out this Wuhan lockdown bullshit. If he wins watch all these allegations and the Wuhan Flu will all magically dissappear.

  5. The Dems have an ideal Patsy for president candid8. If he wins, he’ll sign whatever Congress will pass… If the Dems manage to keep Congress

  6. The Dems have an ideal Patsy for president candid8. If he wins, he’ll sign whatever Congress will pass… If the Dems manage to keep Congress

  7. Biden’s hopeless persona doesn’t matter, he will simply be doing Hillary’s bidding anyway if they are able to steal the election!

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