When I was an 8-year-old boy, I idolized and was inspired by the FBI.  I  wrote a letter to the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover.  I described my aspiration to be an FBI agent, to fight crime with him, to help him bring justice to the United States of America.  A short time later, I received a short reply, signed (I have no doubt) by Director Hoover himself,  in which he encouraged me to follow my ideals, to diligently study and to prepare myself, inspired for a life as an honorable American.

Over the years, my childhood idol has suffered revelations about his own rectitude, but nothing he has ever done even remotely approaches the disgraceful actions revealed today, committed by the great FBI that I idolized.  This week, we learned that an American hero, a loyal lifelong and proved courageous defender of our nation, was callously framed by a political conspiracy of the most senior FBI officials, seeking thereby to defame and destroy the newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Over the years, the FBI regrettably has shown itself to be self-serving and inept and has suffered several disgraceful scandals, but always committed by lesser men.  Today, the FBI, at the very top, has shown itself to actually be seditious, subverting the office of the president of the United States!

On April 30, 2020, the 8-year-old boy in me has tears running down his face.  The FBI, from its current director, Christopher Wray, to its lowest janitor, has irretrievably disgraced itself and, most grievously, has destroyed forever the faith and confidence that Americans have granted to what once was the greatest law enforcement entity in the world.

Will it ever again be an inspiration to 8-year-old American boys?

31 thoughts on “The FBI has disgraced itself”
  1. It’s a shame it’s disgraceful it’s really a great loss to the American people.

  2. When you have high former & current government officials who routinely flaunt the law in the face of the world by dealing directly with foreign governments and the FBI DOESN’T DO A SINGLE THING.why have any of them shut it down fire them all and start a new organization from scratch.

  3. Im very disgusted and sad that part of our intelligence of this country has fallen so low…I now have no more trust in these people who are suppose to uphold the law ,and the Presidency of the United States…I dont think we could ever begin to trust in them again….They have spit on their office and the United States of America ..and unfortunately the American people….☹

  4. Dealing with the FBI is another example of Hitler ‘s SS AND THE COMMUNIST KGB ? THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT CORRUPTION AND CAPTURE CRIMINALS NOT BECOME ONE. The FBI has become the next out of control agency who’s leaders placing their agendas above the law.

  5. I don’t believe the FBI will ever recover from it’s disgraceful image simply because there are too many at the upper level that are self serving and not trustworthy of true patriots of this country we love. It’s a terrible shame that it has fallen to this low level of evee Ed n being involved with what we know as the deep state. May God have mercy on their souls .

  6. The FBI and CIA are and always have been subversive. They don’t represent the people of America. They represent their own political interests. At this time it’s the DNC. They should serve under our president and American citizens.

  7. I also aspired to enter the FBI and was actually interviewed in Washington, FBI headquarters after an intense background check. I was not accepted. That did not dampen my respect and admiration for the greatest law enforcement organization on the planet. I am also thoroughly disgusted with the ongoing shenanigans of the current regime. Time after time, after some dirtbag has committed mayhem we find out that the FBI has been aware of that person for years before they acted and the FBI did nothing. Having said that, I disagree that the FBI is corrupt down to the janitors. That’s not true, the janitors are good people. There are also many, many dedicated, professional agents that are as disgusted as we are.

  8. I feel the same!!! At 81 I thought they were the good guys, till now. Never did I think they would do anything to tarnish their reputation. They have
    betrayed AMERICA, IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. WILL not believe that ALL the agents are corrupt. So. I PRAY FOR THEM

  9. I understand that we were assaulted by a few people who I thought were the protectors of the entire world.
    Sad that we as people can’t do a damn thing. Or do we make a complete overhaul of the system.?
    Knowing the LEFT is going to go through the promises they made to there constitutes that glorified these IDIOTS that have never been employed other than our checks for so many years.

  10. Agreed, I used to be federal officer with a different gency – absolutley loved the job! Those I worked with had a guarded view of theit reputation… but nothing such as this. We must remember, this did not happen overnight. Congress has failed in its oversight. Courts have failed in their duty to ensure cases and charges are valid. Please don’t forget to see who is in the basket with the fbi! It would be a good bet to say there are more just like those corrupt fbi agants in doj,, cia, nsc, us military…. others. There needs to be a very big hammer for those who have taken this path.
    So… where do we go from here? If we can’t trust them, what good are they. If we can’t trust them, why do we pay them? If we can’t trust them, why are they still receiving a paycheck? What is congress doing to prevent this from every taking place again?

  11. Not only the FBI but the whole DOJ has gone to the dark side. All we get is talk anymore.

  12. yes illan ohmar will tell you how to commit perjury fraud and marry your brother ,illegal entry,its all there in black and white

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