Tucker Carlson joins calls to reopen schools in the fall: ‘Distance learning is not learning’

Tucker Carlson accused teachers unions and their Democratic allies of putting politics ahead of the welfare of America’s children Tuesday as the Trump administration pushes schools to open their doors for in-person learning in the fall.

“There is only one way for educators to keep their students safe right now and that is to teach them — in person — by reopening schools,” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said in his opening monologue. “Distance learning is not learning. This has been studied and we know it.”

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Carlson claimed Democratic governors are failing to address the issue in the apparent belief that “more chaos and more displacement will help them win” in November.

Most states have not yet decided whether to reopen schools in the fall or what reopening would even look like, but President Trump vowed Tuesday to put pressure on governors to have students back in their classrooms by September.

“None of this is rational, all of this is hysterical,” said Carlson of opposition to the proposed reopening.

“The biggest backers are the Democratic Party. This is an election year and they believe more chaos and more displacement will help them win. They are right, but it’s sick,” he said. “These people will destroy anything in their power and unfortunately … it means hurting our children.”

Carlson later took aim at American Federation of Teachers’ president Randi Weingarten, who is demanding additional federal funding before schools can work toward reopening, accusing her of “rejoic[ing] at the prospect” of families being forced out of work so their children can learn at home.

“Nothing affects the life of an ordinary family more than the question of where to go to school and when,” the host concluded. “Without schools returning to normal, millions of American parents will not be able to work, even as we descend into recession.”