Tucker Carlson accused teachers unions and their Democratic allies of putting politics ahead of the welfare of America’s children Tuesday as the Trump administration pushes schools to open their doors for in-person learning in the fall.

“There is only one way for educators to keep their students safe right now and that is to teach them — in person — by reopening schools,” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said in his opening monologue. “Distance learning is not learning. This has been studied and we know it.”

Carlson claimed Democratic governors are failing to address the issue in the apparent belief that “more chaos and more displacement will help them win” in November.

Most states have not yet decided whether to reopen schools in the fall or what reopening would even look like, but President Trump vowed Tuesday to put pressure on governors to have students back in their classrooms by September.

“None of this is rational, all of this is hysterical,” said Carlson of opposition to the proposed reopening.

“The biggest backers are the Democratic Party. This is an election year and they believe more chaos and more displacement will help them win. They are right, but it’s sick,” he said. “These people will destroy anything in their power and unfortunately … it means hurting our children.”

Carlson later took aim at American Federation of Teachers’ president Randi Weingarten, who is demanding additional federal funding before schools can work toward reopening, accusing her of “rejoic[ing] at the prospect” of families being forced out of work so their children can learn at home.

“Nothing affects the life of an ordinary family more than the question of where to go to school and when,” the host concluded. “Without schools returning to normal, millions of American parents will not be able to work, even as we descend into recession.”

14 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson joins calls to reopen schools in the fall: ‘Distance learning is not learning’”
  1. I agree with Tucker Carlson, open up the schools and open up the country. This shutdown is political. COVID-19 is no different than a bad epidemic of influenza and we know who are at risk. They are NOT the children or even adults, but the elderly and those with impaired autoimmune systems.

    We are testing more so we’re discovering more people infected but death rates are not going up – they’re going down

  2. I totally agree. Schools need to open. Virtual learning is not learning. I watched firsthand everyday my 8 yr old granddaughter try and grasp her work. She needs a teacher in a classy. If my daughter wanted to be a teacher that’s what she would have went to school for. It’s draining on her who has dealt with health issues as well as owner of a small business declining with this crisis. Democrats want everything that is negative for our kids and economy just to win at the polls. It’s obscene!! Oh and in my opinion, anyone who votes for these liberal clowns needs their heads examined. Prays for our children and our country and our President 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I agree with you 100%. I have been teaching for 20 years and distance learning is ineffective for elementary age students. Young children are active learners and require multiple modalities to learn. Students must see,hear, and do to learn the content. This happens in the classroom not in front of a computer monitor.

  4. No distance learning isn’t learning,if they can homeschool that is the most rewarding I homeschooled my kids I even learned stuff I wasn’t taught in school. Awesome time of getting more involved with my kids and I ran a daycare business from my home during that time.

  5. Tucker Carlson, obviously has never taught school. We’re talking about life and death. The most concerned educators, who are always there, in the trenches, will tell you that many parents send their children to school sick. You can see on their faces, when younger children are ill. And, they tell you “I was sick all night last night.” Older students try to keep going, but, their responses and general behavior are not the usual. Sometimes they ask to see the nurse. Then, nurses struggle to find working phone numbers to get parents to come to the schoool. What good is getting and education if you can die from obtaining it? Send Tucker Carlson to work in a life-threatening environment. We know that parents struggle, but, we should address that and make greater efforts to assist, and be available for online instruction and overall communication. We should also see that all children have equal access to educational equipment and material, even if it means setting up Wi Fi stations in neighborhoods. They are all our children. We want them to live and we and our families want to live, as well. I am a recently retired school and clinical counselor, parent educator. I am still involved with students and families.

  6. You really must be out of your damn mind, maybe you don’t have any kids or grandchildren, i would never put trump over my kids, like you or these other SA REPUBLICANS (CULT)

  7. People do not listen to tucker Carlson’s lie, protect your children and grandchildren

  8. American people dont let these Republicans put trump over your kids and grandchildren, protect your kids

  9. The covid numbers game is enhanced by including other issues, if hospitals and nursing homes are still getting paid for their covid numbers. Another factor is that, though they say there are several million cases, it is still a small percentage, if you consider the population, in New York alone is about 20 million, as shared by a health advisor.. Many areas have not experience covid and should take the initiative to open as scheduled. As a teacher, we have taught in difficult pandemics before, and even shut down for a week, until it passed. I’m aware, that this just recently happened in a small community of a few cases, and have now reopened. But to continue a month shut down or slowdown is foolish to destroy the economy, as the Marxists would like. This way they can blame President Trump and Biden appears with a heroic solution. The media and Communist Democrats have shown this to be a political battle, since they’ve promoted the Marxist BLM terrorist groups, yet harass, and assault anyone, who may disagree with them. Gangs have attacked churches, along with their destruction of public and private property. Their goal is to intimidate and conquor.

  10. So sorry John, but you are completely WRONG. You and others are making it political. This is not a political issue. This is a major health issue for the whole world, I do not want you, your love ones or mine and my love ones and all human beings on earth to get this deadly virus and die or in many situations it will be a forever pre existing condition due to the long term effects it will have on a person’s body for the rest of their life.
    I live in Florida and the number of COVID 19 cases keeps rising and so does the death toll. The governor of Florida is not to bright….he is not only opening up schools, but is opening up Walt Disney World, Sea World, Epcot, Universal Studios and many other amusement parks and beaches in this state. Many people here are not wearing their masks or social distancing, as I suspect that is happening all over the country. If we do not get a handle on this deadly virus now, this virus will keep going by infecting and killing more and more human beings (that were once healthy) it can kill anyone. This is not the FLU (you are so misinformed…stop watching Fox..(fox is not news, it is fiction).you need to watch other news. One of the most informed news I and many others watch is PBS and listen to NPR news.
    The FLU kills approximately around 70,000 people here in America in 1 year’s time.
    Covid 19 has killed close to 135,000 people here in America in 6 month’s time.
    Big big difference! Plus, by this November, there’s a very good chance it will kill another 65,000 people here in America.
    Don’t get me wrong, I understand many people will die from this Covid 19…but it truly doesn’t need to be to this extreme of infecting or dying.
    Trump could have prevented a lot of this unnecessary suffering and dying here in United States, he is in deep denial and still is…as so many others are too.
    How did our country get to the point where we do not care about our next door neighbors health or respect the other person circumstances.
    Trump is NOT a leader…he is a divider, he’s is selfish (he has never spoke of unity or has he ever apologizes for any hateful and mean spirit thing he has said to anyone), unfeeling and so many other unhealthy characteristics, he has ripped this country apart! and he loves it! (Think about who he is as a person, would you really want to be a friend of his…especially knowing if you disagree with him on anything he would literally talk bad about you the very next day). Trump does not respect anyone, not the law, not the constitution, not another person….seriously think about all this.

    Yes, I am a Independent thinker….I do not follow blindly and I am not brainwash.
    I do my independent research and get the FACTS and TRUTH. And most important I have common sense.

    I hope you will seriously re-think your position, because out of respect for another human being….please do your research and use your common sense and listen to your heart and soul. Plus, stop being in denial. Covid19 is Real. Please wear a mask and keep your 6ft distance and thank others for wearing a mask and follow the guidelines.
    I truly want you and your love ones and fellow human beings that you encounter everyday to be safe and healthy.
    Please stay safe and healthy,
    Laura J.

  11. As with any contagion (mumps, flu, chicken pox, etc.), most Americans have already been exposed to the Wuhan Virus — asymptomatic so testing will prove existing infection even with no symptoms. Maintaining the shutdown for this extent of time is ridiculous and violates the Constitution regarding liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Nazis Governors who exhort so-called public safety (while ironically defunding police), are now continuing the sham shutdowns for tacky political manipulations to negatively affect Trump. OPEN ALL STATES! FREE AMERICA FROM COMMUNISM!

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