Dr. Deborah Birx has responded to Nancy Pelosi after the Speaker of the House trashed the top government doctor in a closed-door meeting Thursday. Pelosi reportedly accused Birx of being “the worst” and “horrible” while also suggesting she is not data-driven.

Politico first reported on that revelation.

PELOSI SAID to Treasury Secretary STEVEN MNUCHIN and White House chief of staff MARK MEADOWS: “Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you’re in.” She accused BIRX of spreading disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, while praising ANTHONY FAUCI, who she said “came to his senses, and is now a hero.”

The fact that Pelosi loves Dr. Anthony Fauci is probably a good tip-off that he’s gone way off the rails. As I wrote recently, his game playing has become increasingly tiresome (see Jim Jordan Roasts Dr. Fauci After He Tries to Weasel Out of a Big Question). More and more, he’s clearly letting politics and a pursuit of fame drive his analysis, as he’s refused to criticize states like New York and the “protests” occurring across the country.

Dr. Birx has now responded.

Birx’s response came after Pelosi reportedly called her “horrible” and “the worst” during a private Thursday night White House meeting, then went on to cite her lack of confidence in the coronavirus task force member during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Do you want to respond?” asked CNN guest-anchor Dana Bash.

“I have tremendous respect for the speaker,” Birx said. “And I have tremendous respect for her long dedication to the American people, and I think it was unfortunate that The New York Times wrote this article without speaking to me. I could have brought forth the data.”

I understand Birx is trying to remain above the fray, but this is cringe-worthy. While some outlets described this as her “firing back,” it was anything but. Rather, it strikes me as a weak attempt to have it both ways, giving in to Pelosi’s premise and praising her personally while pretending it was actually a miscommunication by The New York Times that is at fault. Who heaps plaudits on someone who’s just called them “horrible” and “the worst?”

Of course, Dr. Birx is at heart a Democrat just like almost every other government bureaucrat. Her political leanings are not a secret and that doesn’t make her a bad person. Given that, I guess it makes sense that she’d be hesitant to actually go directly at Pelosi for the venom she spewed.

Here was as heated as she got in her response.

Birx argued that her analysis was “not a pollyannish review.”

“I have never been called that or nonscientific or non-data driven and I will stake my 40-year career on those fundamental principles of utilizing data to really implement better programs to save more lives,” she concluded.

Trump eventually jumped into the ring, unhappy that Birx hedged in the manner she did.

Some conservative commentators didn’t like Trump’s tenor here, suggesting it’s unfair to criticize Birx’s meager rebuttal to Pelosi’s toxicity. I can see where the use of the word “pathetic” would rub some the wrong way. On the other hand, we are only a month or so removed from widespread insistence on the right that Fauci was a bastion of apolitical infallibility, so there’s a real debate to be had about just how much benefit of the doubt any of these bureaucrats should be given. Regardless, I understand Trump’s frustration. People can always disagree on the style of messaging.

For my part, I believe Birx was way too kind here. Whether she desires it or not, the fray overtook her long ago. She can either stand up for herself and the facts, including criticizing Democratic politicians and states when they deserve it, or she can try to toe a line that isn’t able to be toed in the end. Anything short of screaming orange man bad at all times will never satisfy Pelosi. The dancing on eggshells has been proven to be pointless.

24 thoughts on “Dr. Birx Responds After Nancy Pelosi Trashes Her, Trump Jumps Into the Fray”
  1. Nancy Pelosi should have retired 20 years ago. So sick of her put downs on people. Give it up Nancy, to someone who can be taken seriously! Get over yourself!

  2. Pelosi is totally incompetent and should be removed as speaker! She does nothing . All she does is criticize Trump and anyone associated with him, spend tons of money, doesn’t come to work and expects to get paid, and thinks destroying private property is OK. She also doesn’t think we need the police? She has gone over the deep end and in her current position is dangerous.

  3. I well understand the midnset of medical professionals. My two daughters are both as such – one as a leader in a major medical community and the other a front-line-nurse. I spent 12 years in Cardiac research and I know how doctors and medical personnel typically think. They can’t help but put worst case scenarios on the agenda and for good reason. This is how Birx and Fauci think – instinctively trying to avoid worst cases – understandable of course. But not all cases are “worst case” and this leads to overreacting and over treating as we all know. It’s a paranoia that persists in our western society. I don’t agree with Birx or Fauci but I understand their thinking. Virus’ don’t die – they are around until they get to the very last person (save for a vaccine in some cases). Masks etal simply delay the inevitable and save our medical workers from being overwhelmed by spreading out the treatment over more time. As for Peloci – she’s a politician and has her own agenda. But she is certainly no statistician or medical expert – and probably knows far less than the average Anerican about the CoVid issue. She has an agenda to replace the present administration and that is all there is to it. Birx and Fauci do there jobs well and responding to the likes of Perlosi, who to me is not a brilliant person to start with and a puppet – is a waste of time. Americans must decide the course to take in this pandemic – not government puppets like Pelosi who are not interest in the general public but rather their own agenda. Life has risks – we take them and move on.

  4. Nancy pelosi wants to bankrupt America.she loves terriostand and poeple outfits commiting treason against USA OF AMERICICA.its still a game ,,Hillary lost the election get over it.do your real job hhelp USA DEMONCRATS have turned into their favorite country’s china ,iran

  5. From Pelosi, we can expect anything awful and erroneous!

    Did she mentioned going to Chinatown when Trump close the flights from China?

    That was brilliant, Pelosi! Too bad you did not come down with COVID-19!

  6. Pelosi is an f*ing witch and always has been. She is a Devil. Why is an 80 year old, Speaker of the house? Pelosi needs to keep her f*ing mouth shut and retire. She gives examples every day, why there needs to be term limits.

  7. I do not trust any Democrat and she is a Democrat just like the little worm Fauci so I don’t trust anything she says either

  8. I cannot thank enough the CDCTeam members, President Trump and Vice President Pence, and other government and organization leaders working relentlessly towards the over all resolution of Coronavirus pandemic challenges.

    Supporting each other is the best policy in a working task force team! And all working Americans know that……..
    However, we hear all kinds of stress-provoking comments from the Democratic party leaders against all these
    primary workers! Talking/attacking so much without showing any accomplishment is toxic enough to
    compromise efficient problem solving! Let’s remember, CORONAVIRUS is still under the process of research while we try to overcome the already existing afflictions of the pandemic….. Everyone can just do as much with the information and research results we know now……

    Praying for Peace in America. God Bless America

  9. DemocRats suck… the Party of DEATH! Abortion, destruction , & mayhem! Allstate insurance company all stars .. Friends don’t let friends vote ‘Rat.. total anti – USA POS’s …

  10. PELOSI aka POLLACK needs to be the ONE ☝that should be ashamed and worried that someone may tell her she is

  11. Is Nancy Pelosi slipping into demented? Or Alzheimers , she sounds like it. Some get very mean!

  12. Why can’t Trump find doctors that know how to handle themselves. There’s a bunch of good ones i see on Fox news.

  13. Pelosi’s days are numbered she knows it.All she can do is trash people.She’s a very ignorant person

  14. Birx is a shameless sycophant of this regime. She had numerous chances to speak truth to power, openly and decisively when Ol’ Doc Donnie Bonespurs offered his suggestion of injecting disinfectants, bathing the body’s interior with ultraviolet-or just very powerful light-or continued insistence that a Hydroxychloriquine was an effective preventive of or treatment for a Covid-19. Yet, she didn’t.

  15. Peloski needs to take SleepY and creepy Joe Biden by the hand, and both of them need to go to a nursing home or psyvhe hospital. They are both NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nancy Pelosi would not know scientific data if it ran her over ! She is a disaster and hopefully will not be
    speaker next term! Dr Birx is an intelligent woman who remained above the Piglet Pelosi fray!
    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏

  17. The woman had a chance to go after Pelosi but did not do it, never mind they are both democrats!! Her job has become a laughing matter. Pelosi needs to mind her own business and keep her mouth shut, she is crooked and you cannot pleaser her even if your horns are bigger than hers. Pelosi has to go now!!

  18. I personally have a lot of respect For Both Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauchi.They are both very intelligent individuals in there own separate ways. Nancy Pelosi on the other hand is a complete idiot. I would hate to know I had to depend on her knowledge of anything much less scientific knowledge. The only thing she can do legally is block congress from making normal educated decisions. She has no idea what goes on in the world around her other than executing her belligerent unfounded powers of the speaker. I have never in my 83 years seen any one that can display her stupidity and ignorance more than Pelosi.

  19. I,and the rest of “REAL AMERICANS”
    are getting fed up with the current corrupt GOVERNMENT, pretending to be for AMERICA! “THE TRUTH” will eventually come out and then, and only then, will AMERICA reign again! We are coming for you!!!

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