OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – The pandemic has pushed food insecurity to levels not see in decades and people are relying on food banks more than ever here in the Bay Area.

Three times a week, hundreds of cars line up as thousands of pounds of food are all given away at the Alameda County Food Bank.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in 35 years in business. Each one of these distribution is serving well over a thousand cars!” said the food bank’s Director Community Engagement Mike Altfest.

It is one of four locations across Alameda County where folks are receiving much needed basic food for free. They are people who may have lost their jobs when their businesses were forced to shut down due to pandemic concerns.

“They start lining up as early as seven in the morning and this will run for six straight hours” said Altfest.

Hundreds of cars slowly snake their way through the parking lot across from the Acura dealership on Interstate 880. Folks from all walks of life driving everything from Toyota’s, BMW’s, to Mercedes, all coming to get food. Folks are grateful for the charity.

“I really appreciate all the help! When we need it, they are there,” said one man in line. “Everybody needs it! It’s like, you know how it is in these COVID times, it’s like, we all need some help.”

Onions, potatoes, vegetables, fresh fruit, bags and boxes loading up for families. Altfest says the amount of food being handed out is amazing.

“Since the start of this pandemic, our food distribution has increased between 50 and 70 percent. So, while we were distributing 600 pounds of food a week before this, we’re now well over a millions pounds a week,” said Altfest.

The Alameda County Food Bank is open to help folks find food for the table, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more information, go to www.accfb.org.


People Line Up In Record Numbers At Alameda Co. Food Bank In COVID-19 Economy

9 thoughts on “DNC Controlled Bay Area Becoming a 3rd World Nation”
  1. I used to live in the Bay Area in the late 60s and early 70s. It was a wonderful, lovely and peaceful place to live and work.Leave it to the corrupt Democrats to destroy everything they get their filthy hands on. Vote them all out of office in their next election.

  2. Visit California and see America in 2024. Major Cali cities are crime-ridden sewers. Now, if a 23 yo MAN has sex with a 14 yo BOY, it is OK… no longer a crime …. protect the aberrant sexual criminal at the expense of children.

    Is there not bottom to the scum pond called California??

  3. You mean a 3rd world shit hole . Shows just how stupid the delusional democrats really are by destroying their own citys for votes . But in the end all their doing is turning away more votes for them then trump could . So keep doing what your doing and give the election to trump on a silver platter . Dumb ass’s … to damn stupid to see that on their own . I sure their plan is working just fine lol

  4. Your story is bias and blaming the wrong party, if Trump and his Republican colleagues are soulless idiots who did nothing much like Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned. This is happening all over the USA, Canada, England, Europe etc, this pandemic has crippled the world but unlike the USA other countries are doing things to help mitigate the virus and caring for the people, DNC was dealt a bad hand by Trump and you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. I no longer want your emails as I have never read such bullshit in my life

  5. “…a million pounds per week…”? where do they get the food from. Is it state donated, are federal funds paying for it. There was a time when one could say Christian Charity was at work, but California drove that out the door. Newsome closed the State down, but San Fran is still reaping the benefits…and the grateful democrats collecting the food (notice its in the cities) will continue to vote Blue because this is further proof that the Dems take care of the people. A true democrat utopia: failing but liberal controlled brain-washing institutions (schools); astronomical rents; high taxes and a lot of them; incessant regulations; anti-religion; anti-guns; political corruption…and still the majority vote to give up their rights. Time to move.

  6. It’s asses and you’re.
    Please take a refresher high school course in the english language and proper grammar before posting again.
    It may help to make your postings seem a bit more intelligent and proper. Regardless of your political views or opinions.

  7. Your language is utterly disgusting! It shows someone who is illiterate in the English language…someone who is unable to express his opinions properly, especially when you know ladies are reading your statements.

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