See, we can say it, too. An anonymous source told us he said it, so you have to accept that it’s true.

If you’re like most Americans, you like evidence. That’s why so many are done with the DNC.

The silent majority supporting President Trump is real, according to the St. Louis couple, Mark and Patty McCloskey, who are facing felony charges after pointing guns at protestors outside of their home.

Regarding the response to their recent speech to the Republican National Convention, Mark, alongside his wife Patty, told Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria,” “We did get credible threats and the police and FBI are looking into it.”

“I got to tell you some very encouraging stuff, too,” Mark said. “We’re out to dinner the other day and the waitress put in our bill a note that said … ‘I just wanted to say I saw you on TV. I have been waiting to serve you ever since. 100% stand behind you. Trump 2020! I didn’t want to say anything out loud because most of my co-workers are very liberal.’

“I think that there is a real army of secret Trump voters out there that are just being suppressed by social ridicule by their co-workers and by their employers. They’re going to come forward and really make a difference in this election. It is very encouraging.”

Meanwhile, the McCloskeys made their first appearance in court Monday morning.

Their attorney, Joel Schwartz, said the case has not gone before a grand jury, so it was continued for the time being.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charged both Mark and Patricia McCloskey with a Class E Felony of unlawful use of a weapon.

The McCloskeys said they feared for their safety.

Schwartz said the couple will plead not guilty.

“We are simply anxious to remove all the noise from this case, move the case forward, and have the facts heard by a jury and let the jury decide whether the McCloskey’s committed any felony offenses because we are convinced with absolute certainty that there was no felony committed here,” Schwartz said.

 Chris Regnier from Fox 2 contributed to this report.

11 thoughts on “Joe Biden Says Dead Marines Are Losers”
  1. I voted for jfk and that was the one and only time. Of all the dems running for President there was not one fit to pick up the trash. The dnc is not the party of old. These are communist radicals that would kill you and not have a second thot about doing so. There is no civility and looting, burning, assaulting, killing is not acceptable. Is that the country you want to live in. Where the innocent are imprisoned and harassed and the criminal is let loose and the good guy. We are living in the upside down world and it will only get it’s as these thugs and terrorist destroy our country

  2. This couple should have these charges dropped, since when is defending your property a CRIME??? These Protester’s broke down a gate to get into this Community, that’s the real CRIME!!!!!

  3. Trump is always putting down people and calling them names. Let’s skip the anonymous sources & go to what he said about John McCain & how he’s smarter than the Military Leaders on camera. Skip the politics and expect better from him as a leader. You can be a Republican & not co-sign his bullying and horrible behavior as a leader.

  4. Once again old joe can’t remember who said what . Last I heard he’s blaming trump for saying vets are loser while it was old joe saying marines are losers . It’s the delusional democrats way . Lie out your ass till it hurts . And old joe is good at it . Just to bad he can’t remember saying anything . If he could them maybe he won’t lie so much knowing it will come back and bite him in the ass

  5. Biden had said “If” the story by President Trump was true, so why would Biden repeat a false story?? Repeating fake news, without a fact finder, should be considered slander. President Trump stood faithful to support our military and veterans. More left wing lies, with attorney Kim Gardner, who was financed by George Soros. She said McCloskeys “used weapons unlawfully,” They didn’t even use them. Aren’t weapons for self defense and protection? It appears to be all right for the radical Marxists BLM, and Anifa to go about shooting innocent people.

  6. Most of us are standing with the McCloskeys. Kim Gardner is in the back pocket of George Soros, with her lips planted firmly on his rear end…..

  7. Democrats threaten you and destroy private property but you, as a tax payer and law abiding citizen don’t have the right to defend yourself. Sounds like Black Lives Mater to me! BLM were even caught on camera chanting “we defend the criminals!” Are these people serious? Black folk have the highest rate of black on black crime in the world and they want to defend the criminals? And now the court system wants to take away our rights to defend ourselves and our property? Sounds like China to me.

  8. This is sickening and twisted. What is to be accomplished with pathetic trash. I want to hear what Biden says and I want to hear what Trump says. Their words ! Tell it straight!!! Damn!

  9. John mccain was a POS RINO and because of his lies you still have ACA, and there’s nothing affordable about that and you have no coverage!!!

  10. I’m with you 100% – maybe someone needs to take that POS Soros out, or at least ship his ass to a communist country – they used to call it “exile”!

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