Actor Michael Keaton declared Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden the winner of Tuesday presidential debate and demanded that he commit to do ‘no more debates” with President Donald Trump.

The Batman and The Trial of the Chicago 7  star said Biden should simply “walk away” from his commitment to show up to the next two presidential debates. “No more ‘debates.’ Joe, leave him hanging. You won. Walk away. That was NOT a debate.”

The Dumbo actor disputed any possible future claim of victory by Trump on election day. “Election will NOT be decided on Election Day AND THAT’S OK. Be prepared and prepare others. trump will try to claim victory on Election Day and try to make people question results after that. Vote early if you can,” Keaton said.

The Dumbo actor disputed any possible future claim of victory by Trump on election day. “Election will NOT be decided on Election Day AND THAT’S OK. Be prepared and prepare others. trump will try to claim victory on Election Day and try to make people question results after that. Vote early if you can,” Keaton said.

Then followed a dyspeptic assault on the president, his record and why the Obama-Biden White House should be applauded.



This is not the first time Michael Keaton has gone on the attack against Trump, as Breitbart News reported.

Just last month the Spotlight star took to social media to implore Trump to “resign,” adding, “No harm. No foul. Walk Away. Would be Very Patriotic.”

“Resign. No harm. No foul. Walk away. Would be very patriotic and I would personally write a note thanking him,” begged Keaton in an Instagram post. “I swear I’m not being condescending. It’s just the truth.” Keaton added the Trump presidency was a “Fluke” and “a terrible mistake.”

“It’s crystal clear it was a fluke and unfortunately a terrible mistake,” wrote the White Noise actor. “There are moments when I honestly feel sorry for him. OK, maybe not MOMENTS but seconds. It’s reached the point where it just pathetic.”

28 thoughts on “Joe Biden Won’t Debate Again”
  1. ….Keaton should go step off a tall building tonight. The world will be a better place the second he takes that first step, some younger, other 3rd rate actor can take his place in Hollywood…and Keaton’s family can quit carrying the shame of having produced such a vile creature.

  2. These leftist elite actors live in a very unrealistic life from the rest of America. They sit in their multimillion dollar mansions and think they are experts on Global warming, Antifa , BLM etc etc . The fact is they are not and they support this far leftist movement and they have no clue . Largely because it won’t affect them like the regular Americans. They are shameful leftists . Why aren’t they getting out in Society and contribute if some of their millions to community’s in need or volunteering to help others ?? All they do is support full term abortions . And garbage !!

  3. I am not going to support Keaton in any way, shape or form from this point on.
    Stay out of the political arena, sir.
    Cast your vote, by all means. But please stop trying to use your celebrity status to disrespect a sitting president and stop being such a mindless sheep following the communist Democrat party line.
    President Trump was voted in. Stop your whining and treasonous comments. You dont have to respect the man, but by God you should respect the office. This is something that nasty cow pelosi should remember. And by the way, why hasnt someone charged that witch with treason by now and removed her from office?

  4. This was the most biased debate ever. Chris Wallace was definitely in Joe Biden’s corner. This debate should have been moderated by an independent person. Shame on politics as usual. The fake news is once again out of control.

  5. So who really gives a crap what Actor Michael Keaton says. He is just another washed up Hollywood fool that has to get his 2 cents in. He’s just running his mouth like a lot of other celebs are doing. I would not pay a dime to see any of his movies. Very poor so-called actor!

  6. Who the heck made Michael Keaton an authority? He needs to mind his own acting business. He is not the businessman that President Trump is. Keaton pulls figures out of his butt and spouts nonsense. Just because he says it, don’t make it so. I would rather have Trump/Pence in office than the Biden/Harris who have nothing to show the people but more corrupt crap that we had in the Eight Years of the Obama/Biden reign. Obama raped Americans for his Muslim brotherhood and Biden did nothing but call people SOB and our servicemen stupid bastards. He is a compulsive liar and tries to claim others accomplishments as his own.. He would be a bad mistake to represent the US and would cause total disfunction in our government. I wouldn’t vote for Harris except as a madam in a whorehouse. She can’t decide what race she is. The US has a gem in office that has been stronger than anyone in a long time and he does donate his salary to improve areas that have been neglected by all others. The unrest in the US belongs to the Democrats as they condone it and say rioters should continue to rip, burn and tear up and kill innocent people, not the people we need to represent this country. Something should be done with the meddling of the Obamas, Clinton’s, Soros and anyone else that is funding and promoting these riots. They want to defund the police that brings order and law enforcement to our country. This would bring lawlessness and no control over criminals. Then Democrats want to open our borders and allow all to come in with drugs, violence, disease and give them all the free healthcare, support at our expense. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is best for this country. We don’t need any career politicians getting rich off the American People. The debate comments made by Biden were lies and misleading. Looks like he wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him between the eyes. He simply repeats what he is told and talks in circles. I have watched the videos of him saying when he is president he will raise all taxes, he will cut Medicare and Medicaid, he will also defund police. He is not to be trusted, a vote for him would be the beginning of failure of the US as we know it and all our history would be gone , criminals, drugs, and murders would be high…..we would see our destruction.

  7. So much for another person that ACTS about life but doesn’t know much about us common folk that WORK or WORKED for a living and received a REASONABLE wage not an exaggerated wage and we don’t live in a house with more rooms and baths that you could use in a year.

  8. Micheal Keaton and his other celeb numb heads should shut the hell up! Why do no brain rich celebs even get air time to chant their crap.Snort another line and have another drink and keep your delusions to yourself.

  9. The only way a debate should occur is with senate debate rules 2 MIM to answer with the camera only on the speaker and the opposition microphone turned off , for two mins . Then a 2 min rebuttal with the original mic shut down , otherwise there is no debate .. only a dog and pony show!

  10. What is it with these dumb actors who haven’t a clue and are so far removed from reality? Trump was voted in by the electorate and won in a landslide. Mr Keaton should realise that he owes his fame and fortune to ordinary people who work hard and need a strong economy with jobs to survive, unlike him. I am sick of these lefty, luvvie actors poking their noses in and they have no clue what people want. Go, Trump, we wish we had Mr Trump in Britain, he is the greatest.

  11. If this is how Keaton views the country that made him big bucks and big “celebrity” then the country has a bigger “problem” than Trump. I truly think EVERYONE should boycott Keaton’s EVERY media appearance…not kidding. He is NOT deserving of what the country has given him – there are more patriotic actors that can take his place and do an even better job.
    I am so very tired of these Hollywooders trying to keep their strangle hold on the necks of US citizens and people need to realize that the only “talent” they have is – NOT thinking for themselves – memorizing the words and thoughts of SOMEONE ELSE…that’s all…and there are many more venues to enjoy rather than just movies. People need to give up the Hollywood infatuation merry-go-round.

  12. Never thought I would in my lifetime see a “so called former Vice President call our President of the United States of America a liar, a clown and told him to “shut up”! Democrats have stooped to the lowest low!!! You certainly are NOT a leader in anything much less our Great Country! You need to retire to your basement and never show your face again!!!

  13. Too many “experts” with their alleged opinions. Someone reportedly was asked to define an expert. The reply was, “ex is a has-been, and a spurt (pert) is a drip under pressure.” Opinions are plentiful and truth is too often missing. Perhaps braggadocio would be a better definition, someone too full of self, in my opinion.

  14. What the hell does Michael Keaton know . Trump has been President for 3 years and the fucking democrates still dont accept him as president They have set on there ass and if Trump wanted something they fought it. They have been disrespectful in everything he has done because they are jealous because he has accomplished way more than they have in 40 years.They are supporting all the violence and racism going on in this country.

  15. I think in his movie multiplicity, might have caught me mom off guard. He really has scatter brain. But thats ok he’s from that town called hollyweird. Hey Mickie you’ve attached yourself to a sinking ship. I’d throw you a life preserve but I know you’d miss it on purpose so I’ll just hold on to it. Bon voyage.

  16. Old Joe really showed us why we dont wqnt to elect an OLD WASHED UP POLITICIQN as president. Trump showed him how a alive strong man operates. keep this strong man in ofice so he can continue with the wonderous things he has alredy started during hiw first term, we need more companies to move here, stronger trade deals, more peace arrangements in the middle East and other places, more jobs for all Americans of every color ans creed, manufacturting here not abroad, continue building and improving our military. Old Joe only served ( or was served by) the Americn people while he (and his family) made millions of $ off the world selling personal access !

  17. Same question I just asked my husband, lol. Tom, Michael Keaton is just another actor who is so impressed with himself, he thinks his opinion matters!! 😂.

  18. Tom – he is just another one of the Hollywood idiots with a highly overinflated ego and sense of self – Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Know it All….. bunch of idiots, Liberal idiots…

  19. his eyes were wild looking as if he was hyped up – his eyes were open very wide and freaky looking….now photos have come out where he tucked in a wire into the right lapel of his coatjacket……this is a man who has always had pedophilia issues – even in college, his friends and roommates said he was very into pedophilia during his school days… he lied about attending a predominantly BLack university, lied about his scholatic records – idiot said he graduated top in his lawschool class, when in fact, he graduated 76th out of 84 – just like Trump said the other night……Biden bragged the NAACP endorsed him – they came right back at him and told him we NEVER endorsed you – Biden lies about denouncing the violence, yet that lowlife pathological liar was paying to bail the violent protestors out and did NOTHING to speak with mayor of Portland or any of the other cities till under seige… and it is TRUE – huge investigation shows very dirty and illegal dealings of crackhead son Hunter – 5m he receives from the mayor of Moscow who is a high official in the Russian Mafia and also runs child trafficking rings……he did nothing for her, why the 5M payment???? and crackhead son Hunter was thrown out of the military for refusing to give up cocaine – dishonorable discharge – now he has never had a job before and gets 5m from mayor of moscow and his father had to bribe the pres of ukraine by withholding aid unless he fired the prosecutor prosecuting his son for money laundering in Ukraine…..BIDEN IS TRASH, CORRUPT, EVIL TRASH and just a puppet for the Leftist Loons….and that pos was wearing a wire – but of course – he refused to be looked at to be sure he wasnt wearing a wire —- cheater, liar, pedophile.

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