Democratic Party vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris named deceased rapper Tupac as the “best rapper alive” in a recent interview with CNN commentator Angela Rye.

Kamala Harris answered “Tupac” when asked to name the “best rapper alive.”

“He’s not alive,” reacted Rye. “Listen, west coast girls think Tupac lives on, I’m with you. I’m with you.”

“I keep doing that,” said Harris. “Um, who would I say?”

“I mean, there’s so many,” continued Harris, appearing to attempt to think of a rapper to name. “I mean, you know, I — there are some that I, I, I would not mention right now, because they should stay in their lane, but, um, others, I… go on. Keep moving.”

It wasn’t long before Harris was getting roasted online.

“She said 2Pandering, I mean 2Pac,” tweeted actor Michael Rapaport.

“Kamala Harris asked, who’s the best rapper alive? She answers @2PAC Then says ‘Not alive, I know, I keep doing that,’” tweeted Washington Examiner’s Emily Larsen. “Tries to think of another living rapper. ‘There’s some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane.’”

“The same Kamala Harris who said she smoked weed while listening to 2pac…. before his first album came out,” reacted Washington Examiner’s Carly Ortiz-Lytle.


3 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Says Deceased Rapper Tupac Is the ‘Best Rapper Alive’”
  1. She’ll say anything to get votes. She has no morals. She proved that by f::king a married Senator. She called joe a racist and said everyone should believe women who come forward with allegations. Then she runs for vice president with a racist and a sexual attacker. She smoked dope listening to 2pac and his brother 4pac when they weren’t even out there. She also sent people to jail for dope while she said she smoked it. And she also withheld evidence on a innocent man in jail until the courts ordered her to give it up. A complete whore she is. A power hungry thoughtless clown who goes good with the other thoughtless clown she’s running with. If you want this country to flop just vote Senile Joe and whore Harris in.

  2. A woman who withheld evidence on an innocent man in jail until the courts made her. She smoked dope and put people in jail for the same thing. She messed around with a married senator and that’s how she moved up while down.

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