Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) praised the “brilliance” of the Black Lives Matter movement and its founders in a conversation with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Friday.

Harris, who is Joe Biden’s running mate on the Democratic Party presidential ticket, was asked specifically to respond to claims that Black Lives Matter is a “terrorist” organization, which the interviewer attributed to President Donald Trump.

(Trump has referred to “terrorists” in specific demonstrations, but has not called the movement itself a terrorist organization. His new black empowement policy, released on Friday, names the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa as terrorist organizations.)

She was also asked about the founders of the movement, who were recently featured by Time magazine among the 100 most influential people of 2020.

Harris spoke about the “brilliance and the impact of Black Lives Matter,” and the “brilliance” of its founders “in conceiving it,” and explained:

I actually believe as a former prosecutor, that Black Lives Matter has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system. Because it has been a counter force to the force within the system that is so grounded in status quo and in its own traditions, many of which have been harmful, and have been discriminatory in the way they’ve been enforced.

Harris spoke about her own experience attending a Black Lives Matter protest in May in Washington, DC. Harris joined demonstrators outside the White House on May 30, where activists had attacked police officers and journalists hours before. She explained that she grew up attending anti-apartheid protests with her parents, who met in the civil rights movement.

She added:

Nothing that we have achieved in our country that has been about progress, in particular around civil rights, has come without a fight. And so I always am going to interpret these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country, as an essential component, or mark, of a real democracy, and as necessary, as necessary. The people’s voices must be heard. And it is often the people who must speak to get their government to do what it is supposed to do, but may not do naturally, unless the people speak loudly — and obviously peacefully — but speak loudly.

The founders of Black Lives Matter — Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi — are far left-wing radicals. Cullors has identified herself and Garza as “trained Marxists,” and Opal Tometi is a supporter of Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

13 thoughts on “Kamala Praises Marxist Founders of BLM”
  1. It will be Lenin all over again, next comes Stalin, more mayhem will follow, Biden and Kamala, look what will happen, Soros takes over Country, no freedom any more, Bloomberg will loot country, Koch is not here anymore to say, do it over my dead body.

  2. Once again all you have here is name-calling, using the word ‘Marxist’ without explaining why you think that’s a bad thing.

    I do appreciate though that you faithfully reproduce Harris’s thoughtful comments on BLM and its importance.

  3. BLM is fighting in democratically controlled cities against democratic policies in those cities. They are fighting against democrats. Who wants these democrats running the country? Kamala is phrasing BLM – she is a democrat! ???? Vote them all out in Nov. MAGA

  4. U can’t expect any more from her She’ would still be one of the elites in the communist country they want us to be! If anyone actually votes for her &Joe then they’re dumb as a box of rocks! Exactly why they have to cheat

  5. How can anyone who came to or was burn in this country, living the good life, wanting to take it away from others? Her and her squad need to be put in their place. Both Polousy & Shumer should be impeached for what they are doing to our country as well. In a true world what you earn is yours to keep. Those who don’t work don’t deserve to have anything. No one owes them a living, not for things in the past, definitely not for the present. What’s going on in our country now, is a plan to overthrow our government and turn us into a 3rd. world country controlled by the U.N. If you don’t vote for President Trump, that’s where we will be.

  6. Of corse she would , shes just like him . They both have their sex scandals . I just wonder if she’s mixed up in the child sex porn case like the BLM leader is . Shows how great the both of them really are . So if you vote for her you must like kids involved in child sex porn too . They cry about everything everyone is doing but forgets to mention their dirty deeds . Are you really that stupid as to turn a blind eye to them and vote for the delusional democrats anyways ??? Is this what the people are becoming in our country ??? If so you shame your family’s and your country for being so damn stupid . Not saying trump is all that much better but then again he gets things done for the people not just for himself like the delusional democrats do . Try opening your eyes and see the truth of both sides words . Don’t go blindly by lies told by either side , then vote based on truths not just another’s word .

  7. Since talk of a race war keeps coming up I think it’s time to put things into perspective. If just half of white males woke up one day and decided “that’s enough of these minorities” and went to war or die trying with race in mind it would be over for Blacks, Latinos and Jews in two months and if you don’t believe me go to the average redneck bar and try to start a fight and realize skills go up from there. The reason that hasn’t happened yet Is white people don’t want to we just want to live our lives and be left alone to freak out about making house payments. But unfortunately other people who have communists written all over them keep wanting to put their foot on our neck and things are getting crazy to the point the press is making Dylan Roof’s plan which wasn’t even half baked come true . So maybe the press and the rioters on the street should ask themselves why the white racists on the internet are loving what is going on in blue cities right now since it says something about their plans.

  8. NOT TO WORRY AMERICA: HARRIS is NOT Eligible to be VP or POTUS as she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a requirement of our Constitution as defined in Vattel’s Law of Nations, as both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth as they were here on a students visa. Her mother did become a US Citizen before her death but her father never did! GOODBYE TRAITOR!

  9. If you want to know why it’s bad, I suggest you consult the history books or simply ask someone from a former eastern bloc country why they left?
    The simple answer for you is, If it’s so great then why do people want out? Why did they need a wall to keep them in?

  10. If you want to know why it’s bad, I suggest you consult the history books or simply ask someone from a former eastern bloc country why they left?
    The simple answer for you is, If it’s so great then why do people want out? Why did they need a wall to keep them in?

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