The Chinese coronavirus is quite a convenient coincidence. During a year in which the United States is facing existential threats from the Deep State and communist China, the coincidences are mounting.

We don’t believe any of them.

In a world where the Trump economy was roaring to his re-election, where the Chinese house-of-cards economy was about to crumble, where indictments against the Deep State were a foregone conclusion and just a matter of time, and where there was just a lot of winning, the Chinese coronavirus happened at just the right time to derail the Trump agenda and America’s future.

Add the fact that China allowed 5 million infected Chinese to leave Wuhan for the West, while closing travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, as well as defectors who claim the pathogen was made in a lab, and the evidence of foul play is overwhelming. Add the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the lab where the virus was created, and that he still wants to lockdown America, and the evidence is just diabolical.

It is possible that the Chinese coronavirus is a bioweapon, and Democrats are using it to derail the Trump economy, his re-election, and make the U.S. a Chinese vassal state.

The Obama administration was the most corrupt in history. He was a traitor to America and is still working to bring down Trump, along with his allies in our security agencies.

Could the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus in The White House, just a few weeks before the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States, have been nothing more than an assassination attempt?

It’s possible. After all, Barrett’s nomination will change the future of this country. The left knows this and will stop at nothing to prevent it.

Will it be an attack on our electric grid? A dirty bomb? A Chemical attack?

Desperate communists do desperate things.

17 thoughts on “An Assassination Attempt?”
  1. It was no coincidence, China’s a real dirty bird, I say an act of war, the Dumbocrats say an accident, OOPS!!

  2. At long last America is waking up.
    For too long you have tried to be ‘Mr Nice Guy’.
    Let us sincerely hope those days are over. This has come about through the Presidency of Donald Trump……..and if America is to be saved from further abuse by China…….and her so-called friends in Europe……..Donald Trump is the ONLY answer to China……..and those further four years are crucial to the survival of Democracy in the world.


  4. I’ve said that for months. The man made virus might have escaped the lab by accidental negligence. But sending the infection to the US and 180 other countries was not.

  5. I’ve thought that the China plaque possibly had the demoncrats grimiest fingerprints all over it. It’s a damn shame to think that way but I can’t think of even one democrat I would trust in a shit house with a muzzle on. It may take years for the truth to come out, things in DC move at the speed of smell

  6. Nothing would surprise me with the democrats, they have already took our government down to the corrupt level of China and Russia along with the press. Every doctor that has raised concerns in China over the virus have died or gone missing. Dr. Li Wenlaing one of the first doctors to raise major concerns contacted the virus and died after being silenced by the police, Dr. Ai Fen another doctor early on to sound the alarm on the virus has gone missing, Dr Li-Meng Yan is in hiding in the US her mother was just arrested in China, journalist and critics in China have been censored or arrested after sharing info about the outbreak some disappeared or are under surveillance and let’s not forget all outside journalists were kicked out of China.

  7. Looks like China will win the war with us without fireing a shot. Just kill all of us with this virus. We might even think wearing the mask for a while. So we do not catch the flu and the common cold this winer. They still do not have a shot that keeps from catching the flu. The virus might be with us fo a long time with no cure..

  8. Finally someone had the guts to say what I and countless others have been thinking.

    Thinking for the past week about the many top Republicans getting the China Virus at the most opportune time for for the liberals.

    As well been thinking about since May the probability of the intentional selective spreading of what was intentionally cultivated in the lab by CCP. There was no need to make a mutation virus once they discovered it was naturally already available and capable of a repeat of the Black Plague from a thousand years ago. Plus, it was conveniently capable of hiding their fingerprints, ie., no genetic markers of manufacture.

    Just had to eliminate observation of inside the lab, the researchers who weren’t fully onboard, and any incriminating records, which would expose what the CCP was doing. Destroy all the peripheral evidence.

    Fortunately our sources shed light on the abandoned , once-bustling streets of Wuhan in specific areas, ‘for no reason’ (seen by satellite), the huge amount of cremations that the funeral homes in Wuhan couldn’t keep up with for well over a month, etc., etc. Blood on their hands that didn’t wash off completely.

    All way too convenient for enemies abroad and within. Blow darts, or covert pin pricks, or covert shielded wipes by a covert operative, maybe. By who?! Easy to infect but skilled exposure avoidance necessary. Way too convenient to be by chance, repeatedly.

  9. i have said right along that it is pretty funny all republicans got the virus and no democrats….I think it was definately an attempted assaination if not a ploy to stop all rallys and debates by the democrates. I hope if this is so somehow it is brought to light and jail time for the responsible parties.

  10. These were my thoughts exactly. Short of shooting President Trump the Communists got someone to take the virus into the Whitehouse. I hope is doing everything in his power to track it down, not trying to be politically correct. He has nothing to loose at this point.

  11. Yes, this is possible. But I don’t think it is probable. There is such a thing as coincidence. If this were an attempt by the Chinese to assassinate the POTUS, the timing of it could have been better. Yes, the Covid-19 virus was likely lab-created in a Chinese facility funded in part by Obama and Fauci. Yes, the Communist Chinese government lied to cover up their involvement. I suspect though that the release of the virus (in October 2019) was accidental and not deliberate as thousands of Chinese people also died of it. Plus the release spread world-wide, not just in the US. I would expect the Communist Chinese to make a more directed attempt on Trump’s life, rather than an iffy thing like this virus. This is a conspiracy theory that doesn’t hold water well.

  12. I want to know the connection demonRats have with the CCP. There are no coincidences. This was a planned attack with a engineered bioweapon.

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