The Chinese coronavirus is quite a convenient coincidence. During a year in which the United States is facing existential threats from the Deep State and communist China, the coincidences are mounting.

We don’t believe any of them.

In a world where the Trump economy was roaring to his re-election, where the Chinese house-of-cards economy was about to crumble, where indictments against the Deep State were a foregone conclusion and just a matter of time, and where there was just a lot of winning, the Chinese coronavirus happened at just the right time to derail the Trump agenda and America’s future.

Add the fact that China allowed 5 million infected Chinese to leave Wuhan for the West, while closing travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, as well as defectors who claim the pathogen was made in a lab, and the evidence of foul play is overwhelming. Add the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci funded the lab where the virus was created, and that he still wants to lockdown America, and the evidence is just diabolical.

It is possible that the Chinese coronavirus is a bioweapon, and Democrats are using it to derail the Trump economy, his re-election, and make the U.S. a Chinese vassal state.

The Obama administration was the most corrupt in history. He was a traitor to America and is still working to bring down Trump, along with his allies in our security agencies.

Could the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus in The White House, just a few weeks before the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States, have been nothing more than an assassination attempt?

It’s possible. After all, Barrett’s nomination will change the future of this country. The left knows this and will stop at nothing to prevent it.

Will it be an attack on our electric grid? A dirty bomb? A Chemical attack?

Desperate communists do desperate things.