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Is Abortion the First Step Towards Euthanasia

The women who went out onto the streets of Poland demanding the right to murder unborn children will be seen on those streets once again. But the next time they will be demanding the ability to kill ill mothers, fathers and grandparents.

They will ask for these murders to be made legal in the full light of the law.

The Ten Commandments, God’s law, have been made obsolete long ago. We can be certain that the spiral of “accepted crime” will not stop once it has begun. Abortion is not far off from euthanasia. The analogy writes itself — the elderly should also be killed because their children and grandchildren will not be able to bear the burden of taking care of them.

As these vulgar protesting women remind us in Poland, no one should be allowed to force others to be heroic, but it would be good if one of the protesting women admitted what this is really all about.

I am convinced that what is most important for people screaming on the streets is a public shedding of burdens. These burdens are the responsibility of bearing the weight of caring for those who are suffering the most. That applies not just to unborn ill and disabled children, but also our elderly and those stricken with disease.

The unborn cannot defend themselves and neither can those elderly suffering from diseases like dementia. In a sense, it is not odd to compare an unborn or a baby to an elderly person.

Men and women, who are fighting so hard for the right to kill those without a voice in Poland, will be old themselves soon enough. They aren’t even aware, that by their own example, they are raising their own murderers.

When I began caring for my 87-year-old aunt who caught the coronavirus, I saw a huge child in her. She required changing, but it is more difficult as the inertia of an old body makes it heavier. She’s not fed with a bottle, but with a huge syringe — thirsty for love and care for 24 hours while the caretaker can barely rest.

Will someone say out loud, that in this situation, that I should have killed her? No? Perhaps the answer is no because I know her for more than 50 years? But I don’t know an unborn child, so it’s easy to say “let it die”?

Those demanding the right to kill unborn ill children use the argument that abortion is a way to save the disabled from a life of suffering.

Well, we could also use death to save the elderly from such suffering.

We should remember the situation from Holland, where not long ago, the residents in retirement homes did not permit their children to see their documentation about their illness out of fear of the children asking doctors to kill them.

It turns out that in the 21st century, the usage of modern medicine and care is rationed out only to the healthy and those full of strength.

Are all those who do not meet this standard — the standard imposed by someone else — are to be excluded?

Men and women who are fighting so hard for the right to kill those without a voice in Poland will be old themselves soon enough. They are not even aware that they are raising their own murderers by the example they set.

Just give it a few years and their children — the same ones who saw them calling for the death of the defenseless — will absolutely make sure to carry out their wishes.



  1. Abortion is killing, those who think that is ok and they also think it ok to kill all elderly who can’t take care of themselves. They who believe this way will not find themselves in heaven when they die. Do they want to
    be killed when they are old and have health issues where they can’t take care of themselves.

  2. Do they not realize that these same parents were the ones that bore the weight of caring for them when they were babies? This world has fashioned generations of selfish self centered devils. It is unfathomable to contemplate. Only God can soften the hearts of these cruel inhuman people. We must keep praying that God will help us. As one of six children I can honestly say that we all considered it a blessing to be able to care for our parents, grandparent, aunts and uncles as they grew old and often sickly. God willing these stones will someday soon find the joy in helping others.


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