A Michigan lawyer who worked Tuesday’s election as a Republican poll watcher is alleging ballot-counting fraud in Detroit based on an interaction she had with an election worker at the site in Detroit where the city’s absentee ballots are being counted.

The lawyer filed the allegation on Thursday to support the Trump campaign’s lawsuit in Michigan, the Detroit Free-Press reported.

In the affidavit, Jessica Connarn, a member of the Michigan state bar from Bloomfield Hills, said a person counting absentee ballots in Detroit told her that workers were “changing the dates the ballots were received.”

“When I approached the poll worker, she stated to me that she was being told to change the date on ballots to reflect that the ballots were received on an earlier date,” Connarn says in the affidavit.

When Connarn tried to get additional information out of this poll worker, she was “yelled at by the other poll workers working at her table,” who then told her she needed to leave and stop talking to the poll worker.

Connarn was not the only poll watcher to get denied access to that particular polling center, as multiple poll watchers were denied access due to coronavirus restrictions, WDIV reported.

But Connarn was able to get a note out of the poll worker, which stated, “entered received date as 11/2/20 on 11/4/20.”

In Michigan, only ballots received by 8:00 p.m. on November 3 are valid to be counted in the 2020 election.

Trump’s lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday in Michigan’s Court of Claims, is seeking to temporarily stop the vote counting in Michigan.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Wednesday that the “election results reflect the will of the people.”

“In Michigan, I am proud to confirm that all valid ballots, and only valid ballots, have been counted, securely and accurately, and that our election results reflect the will of the people,” Benson said.

As of Thursday, Democrat candidate Joe Biden received 50.60 percent of the vote, while President Donald Trump received 47.87 percent of the vote, according to Michigan’s Secretary of State website.

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    Recall how you den people treated Trump for four years ( do you think people will forget and this will go on as normal, you stole an election, you and your Chinese’s software…….get ready for a bumpy ride with this old feeble man in charge
    Pray for your cheating souls

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