If Biden Wins, then Riots Work

A few thoughts on these serious issues. Perhaps the most serious in modern American history.

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Expect them. If Biden wins the riots will be smaller for a time as liberals enjoy their victory, but look for them to come back bigger and stronger every time the radical left does not get its way.

Why? Because it works. If you can change the nation’s narrative sufficiently to defeat one of the most successful Presidents in history, then you have a tactic that will work any time you need it.

In other words, if Biden wins, we are firmly entrenched in mob rule. And this the very definition of mob rule – a naive, easily led subset of the population threatens to destroy parts of society if it is not appeased. It is the most useful and powerful political tool a group can have – and the worst form of government imaginable.

If Trump wins, expect huge riots! But they will only last long enough for a newly empowered law enforcement to calm them down. The best part of this, though – if riots didn’t work to defeat Trump, then they won’t be considered so much a useful tactic in the future. However the liberals know how to touch them off and how to use them to threaten the general public, they will remain in the Democrat Party playbook until this generation of depraved politicians is retired.

The Blind Acceptance of Propaganda

There have always been lies during elections, but never so blatant as now on the Democrat side. And anything said is immediately accepted and backed up by the media. The lack of critical analysis of liberal leaders’ words and actions has emboldened them to use the will of the mob to help achieve its ends.

I’ve seen more Saul Alinsky, more methodology from Ellul’s ‘Propaganda’ than at any time in my professional lie. This was an all-out war against Trump from before he was elected, during his administration and throughout his re-election campaign.

With a media that has lost its primary mission, this is indeed the most dangerous time in modern American history. We stand to lose the freedoms that our fathers fought for. Not from an external enemy, but from the corruption and greed of politicians and dishonest journalists.

The election is effectively over, no more influences to be had. The future of discourse, the future of political tactics, the move toward the destruction of traditional political America, are already decided. We just have to count the votes.

The biggest external threat may be China, but the biggest internal threat (and I believe more serious and immediate) is to freedom of speech – the polarized media, the tendency of the media to lie for an agenda, big tech censorship and bias.

And just so you know my bias? I don’t know how far Trump can go to fix these problems, but if Biden is elected, they will become much worse, indeed an existential threat to our country.

So a message to true Americans: Stand tall, be vigilant.  Our freedom is indeed being threatened.