John Kerry, whom former Vice President Joe Biden has selected to serve as his administration’s “climate czar,” proclaimed Tuesday that the Paris climate agreement is insufficient in fighting climate change.

“Mr. president-elect, you’ve put forward a bold transformative climate plan. But you’ve also underscored that no country alone can solve this challenge,” Kerry stated during a press conference hosted by Biden in Delaware.

“You’re right, to rejoin Paris on Day 1,” Kerry then said, before adding, “And you’re right to recognize that Paris alone is not enough.”

The Hill notes:

Biden has proposed a $2 trillion climate plan that would push the U.S. to net-zero emissions by 2050. But Kerry noted on Tuesday that the U.S., which is responsible for about 15 percent of all emissions, will have to help other countries meet similar targets — a move that presents an opportunity to boost jobs and sell U.S. technology.

“Failure is not an option. Succeeding together means tapping into the best of American ingenuity and creativity and diplomacy, from brainpower to alternative energy power,” Kerry continued.

“No one should doubt the determination of this president [and] vice president,” he added. “They shouldn’t doubt the determination of a country that went to the moon, cured supposedly incurable diseases, and beat back global tyranny in World War Two. This kind of crisis demands that kind of leadership again.”

Kerry, who served as Secretary of State under then-President Barack Obama, helped secure the Paris agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in November 2016. President Trump would go onto remove the U.S. from the accord, citing its job-killing rules.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Third Term”
  1. Joe Biden has been corrupt for years. He raised millions for a Cancer charity, in which little to none went to the charity. It went to salaries and travels. After the mess of Obama/Biden adminstration, you’re trusting them now?? Americans’ believe the election was rigged. Joe Biden needs to pay for his crimes, and face Viktor Shokin in the Ukraine, and Americans for outsourcing jobs to Communist China, with the help of his son Hunter.

  2. Four more years of Obama’s failures, only these years will be on steroids. The same old Biden, Kerry and Obama officials who gave us nothing but America losing.

  3. Obama is a curse on America and Americans……….he appeared from the shadows and remains there to haunt your politics……never giving President Trump a moments peace.
    He is the worst mulatto who has reached your shores and has NEVER been up to any good.
    He is currently conspiring with fellow Communists to bring you down with the help,of Antifa and BLM. Biden is in his thrall because he knows all of the secrets of the Biden ‘clan’ ……as well as the Clinton’s.
    President Trump is not the brightest Penny in the collection but infinitely preferable to those conspiring to destroy America and its future.
    My fervent hope is that the whole truth will be exposed and the current POTUS will remain in power for a further four years…….AT LEAST!

  4. This will be worse than a third term. Don’t forget the posse. AOC, Sanders, Shumer, Omar, and the scary V.P. Harris. It make me laugh that America does 15% of emissions. What do they think. China, Russia, Turkey, and India are going to listen and do anything about their emissions. They are going to keep refining oil and coal while the U.S. economy goes in the toilet. It’s already been shown that all this green stuff is unbelievably expensive and does not work. God will bless our country only when we pray and ask for forgiveness.

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