Not only is Gov. Kate Brown (D-OR) instituting an utterly pointless six-person limit on at-home get-togethers during Thanksgiving week, she’s calling on Oregon residents to snitch on one another if the six-person limit is violated.

“Look, this is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake. What do neighbors do? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy,” Governor Stalin  told local media on Friday. “This is just like that. It’s like a violation of a noise ordinance.”





It’s nothing like someone hosting a noisy party late into the night.

It’s not even close to someone hosting a noisy party late into the night.

You might as well compare hand grenades to jelly beans.

Allow me to explain the difference for the America-impaired…

If your neighbor’s party, if their loud music and revelry, is keeping you awake after midnight or whatever, your neighbor is guilty of violating your rights. Their party is intruding on your right to enjoy some peace in your own home, especially late at night.

Now, I would hope before you call the police, you would ask your neighbor to tone it down and maybe give them a little leeway on a Friday or Saturday night (I lived next door for years to a house rented to college kids, so I’m familiar with the nuances of trying not to be a dick), but the moment your neighbor’s noise or beer cans or foot crosses over to your property line, they are violating your rights.

Seven people gathered next door for Thanksgiving is not a violation of your rights. A hundred people gathered next door (as long as they don’t park like assholes) for Thanksgiving are not violating your rights.

No one is bothering you. No one is interfering with the way you live your life. Therefore, if you call the police on them, you are not being a good citizen, you are being a rat, a snitch, a tattletale, a jerk, and un-American.

Shame on you forever.

People have the right to do whatever they want in their own homes, and the Constitution declaratively goes out of its way to protect the right to peaceably assemble, and that includes over turkey and dressing.

We all know the risks of the Coronavirus. We are all educated on the risks of the Coronavirus, which means that just like it was with the gay community and AIDS thirty years ago, it is now with the China Virus — we can choose to alter our lives to avoid the risks of a virus, or we can choose to hold on to our traditions and way of life while understanding the risks involved.

That is our choice.

Because of my wife’s health issues, we’re avoiding the risks, but if my neighbor decides to have 20-person gay orgy to celebrate Thanksgiving, explain to me how that intrudes on my rights. It doesn’t, and I’m no snitch.

Whether its unprotected sex or gathering for Thanksgiving, neither violates my rights.

Live and let live.

Let other people be.

You want peace in this world. You want peace in this country. Until they’re throwing beer cans into your yard, for the love of all that’s American, leave the other fella’ be.  

Man, you’d have to be a real scumbag, a born and bred authoritarian, to snitch on a neighbor because he invited over one too many aunts. Your neighbor did nothing to harm you, and you’re turning him into the Democrat-run Stasi, setting him up for 30 days in jail, a $1,250 fines or both.

Worse still, it is not state legislators who have authorized this. Governor Stalin is illegally imposing these lockdowns and bans (you can’t eat out, can’t go to the gym, etc.) by way of an executive order.

The Marion County Sheriff basically said he won’t enforce any of this. We recognize that we cannot arrest or enforce our way out of the pandemic, and we believe both are counterproductive to public health goals,” he said in a statement.

Now that’s a great American. 

7 thoughts on “…Six-Person Limit on Thanksgiving, Urges Snitching on Violations”
  1. That email is obviously a right wing snob, hater of all others and unwilling to accept the truth and the intent of dealing with it in a responsible manner. That governor issued the edict obviously with tongue in cheek tone in her reference to snitching, something he refuses to acknowledge. His expressed ridicule and his thirst and desire for push back is precisely what is shaking our country’s stability and the democratic principles upon which we have flourished.

  2. This is how stupid the delusional democrats are getting . I got 8 family members living in my house , so what am I to do make 2 people stand out side while the rest of us eat ??? Kiss my ass delusional democrats . yall went to a dinner party for all the delusional democrats that won and not a damn one of you had a mask on , and tax payers had to pay for your dinner and air far there, so kiss my ass idiots . Try leading by example dumb ass . Your not a good choice to tell any body about anything . Beside old joe didn’t win , so stop making plans unless there for going to jail for voters fraud . So stop trying to blame trump for the things you and the delusional democrats are doing to try to win . Your corruption is showing big time . Only the really stupid people belive your BS story’s . I don’t see how any of you can sit there and say you belive in god when you lie like a forked tounge snake about the election being fair . or your lies about trump for your corruption of power . but you will answer on judgement day . Pack for hot weather where your going .

  3. Well put, funny the same puppet officials that want to defund the police and allow their city destroyed by the BLM and ANTIFA terrorist groups, want “you” to call the police to snitch on your neighbor.
    What an idiot! This is still America and we still have rights, so screw you for trying to take those rights away!

  4. This is the same Governor that has allowed rioting and burning buildings for months with very few arrests causing businesses to shut down.

  5. Governor Cuomo won the Emmy Reward for his Mafia Dynasty and his power of control in New York. Those who gave him that award congratulated for ordering the Death Penalty Mandate at will upon ALL the unborn in New York State And the death of those 5000 elderly patients in nursing home by infecting them with Covid-19 to reduce the state’s population for the sake of Agenda 21. In addition Governor Cuomo the profiteer made money off their deaths with a poster. These are the criteria Governor Cuomo won the Emmy. This shows how debased the stellar standard to win an Emmy have plummeted in the last 10 years.

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