Chamberlin Rock At The University Of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison plans to remove a large rock from campus after students complained that it is a symbol of racism. The claim comes after discovering the rock was referred to in a local newspaper in 1925 using a word regarded as a racial slur.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported Wednesday:

UW-Madison is moving forward on a plan to remove a boulder from Observatory Hill after calls from students of color who see the rock as a painful reminder of the history of racism on campus.

The 70-ton boulder is officially known as Chamberlin Rock in honor of Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, a geologist and former university president. But the rock was referred to at least once after it was dug out of the hill as a “n***erhead,” a commonly used expression in the 1920s to describe any large dark rock.

The Wisconsin Black Student Union called for the rock’s removal over the summer. President Nalah McWhorter said the rock is a symbol of the daily injustices that students of color face on a predominantly white campus.

McWhorter also faulted the Wisconsin State Journal for printing the vulgarity in a 1925 news article.

According to the State Journal, the 1925 news article is the only known instance of the offensive term being used.

The university’s campus planning committee voted unanimously to remove the rock, though it does not have another place to put it. Removal will also be complicated by the fact that the rock’s current site is near a Native American effigy mound.

Former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, who was then the governor of Texas, was criticized in 2011 when the Washington Post reported that the slur was once painted on a large rock on his family’s ranch. Perry said his family painted over the slur when they leased the land and that they had never used the slur.

22 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s “Racist” Rock”

  2. I think that is so stupid a rock the black people are going overboard quit doing their demands it is not right at all so isn’t the coronavirus false positive people are making to much of it who the heck says that fauci is correct he isn’t the only dr just like Biden he should be disqualified because he took tax payers money to bail out his son nancy pelosi is joke poor representation of American people kamal is a baby kills none of them should be in office

  3. People, it’s a freakin’ ROCK…why let students who are there for a short time make these calls? Enough already of trying to find negative symbolism in everything that has stood for years.

  4. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is producing some very tender, easily hurt students instead of ornaments to the university! Let the moving begin by the offended students only if they do it by hand and perhaps they will earn some sweat equity! No bulldozers or trucks allowed, just good old hands and weak backs!

  5. Do you plan now to outlaw ALL big rocks or just this one. What is the IQ of the students suggesting this? What is the IQ of the rock? Did the rock suggest its name or did a human? Why not outlaw that human? Why not outlaw all humans to prevent similar occurrences. Why not outlaw all rocks over a certain size? Why not outlaw rocks of any size? Why not outlaw the idiot that started this stupid idea?

  6. A classic example of hunting for racism where it doesn’t exist. Don’t these students have something better to do – like study? If we all start getting excited about something that was said once in 1925, we might as well give up any idea of getting along.

    In my book, finding racism where it doesn’t exist IS racism.

  7. Without a doubt the most moronic thing I have heard today, but it is still early. A racist rock-matches the rocks these idiots have for brains.

  8. I say cancel the president for silly decision!
    One newspaper used a commonly used word 95 years ago and that makes the rock racist??

  9. I tripped over this article while going through my email today and find it disconcerting to learn that someone actually took the time to research the history of a large rock that was referred to ONCE 95-years ago using what is NOW considered a derogatory term, and that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is going to go to the expense of having that 70-ton rock removed because someone has promoted it as being “offensive”. We truly have become the land of the perpetually offended…I pray no one is injured when this offensive boulder is actually removed! Personally I’ve never been to the University of Wisconsin-Madison so I really have no position on whether or not the rock should be removed, so do what you want…it just seems a lot of effort and expense to expend on a rock on a hill dedicated to a past president of the university.

  10. The President of the college should be removed. A rock placement to honor someone 95 years ago certainly does not make it a racist item. These suddenly self-righteous blacks should be calling for the elimination of the NAACP instead of a rock that happens to be black. Maybe the name could have been changed to BLACK ROCK

  11. How stupid can anyone believe a rock is racist! I thought that people that go to Universities should be intelligent. Obviously I am wrong. And this proves it.

  12. Frail and fragile minds created by the universities. Not a wonder they won’t get jobs in the real world. They’ll be too busy looking for racism that doesn’t exist. A stone has more intelligence than these butterflies.

  13. Actions, which are based on racial discrimination, and which are taken to the detriment of persons or institutions, are racist and are unlawful in the USA.

    The placement of that rock was in no way motivated by racial considerations, let alone racial intent, and there is no basis for considering that rock as being racist.

    People are free to take umbrage at the description alluding to that rock, in a 1925 newspaper article, as a racial slur. That expression of a racist attitude caused no action of racial discrimination. People are still free to hold and express opinions, as many do. Racial discrimination is punishable under the law; racial opinion is not.

    The association of a rock with the N-word is even more evanescent given the fact that black people do sometimes take a snide satisfaction in calling each other n*****s. (see the history of the term “Yankee” for reference).

  14. This being the holiday season, we better remove all brazil nuts from grocery store produce sections, and from all holiday gift baskets. My father, God rest his soul, who was born in 1929, would regularly call these nuts “n****rtoes”. My uncles did, too, both Dad’s & Mom’s brothers. I do not regularly call these nuts by that name, but you can bet my kids have heard it a time or two. Now that I know that the name can possibly send a certain segment of society into a screaming rage, I will be sure to use the term A LOT more often. I will be teaching my grandchildren the term, too.

  15. Christ on a crutch Is there any fucking thing that DOESN’T trigger you crybaby whiny pussy ass snowflakes? I guess Brazil nuts are next on the list as they used to be referred to as ni66er toes? Y’all are going to be in a helluva pickle IF you ever venture off campus or outta yo mommy’s basement into the actual real world! For God’s sake don’t ever venture onto a construction site! Aye God Woodrow, the pussification of America is nearly complete.

  16. “Divided we fall. United we stand.”

    Forces of evil are driving us to brink of civil war as currently happening in
    England, France , Germany all of Europe.

  17. All this proves is that every stereotype of black people is a TRUE FACT
    All these protests are doing nothing byt proving that every single stereotype of back people is TRUE.

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