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The 5,600-page Covid-19 stimulus bill that was passed by Congress on Monday evening specifically blocks governors from using emergency education relief funds for school choice programs.

Page 1,865 of the 5,600-page bill states under “Restrictions” for the use of the $2.75 billion allotted for the Governors Emergency Education Relief (GEER) fund, created in the earlier coronavirus relief bill in March:

“Funds provided under this section shall not be used … (B) to provide or support vouchers, tuition tax credit programs, education savings accounts, scholarships, scholarship programs, or tuition-assistance programs for elementary or secondary education.”

The American Federation for Children (AFC), a pro-school choice group, said in a statement that in passing the bill with that restriction on governors, Republicans and Democrats who voted in favor of the legislation are largely promoting the “status quo in education.”

The AFC said,

“At a time when families are extremely frustrated and 77 percent of parents with school age children in public school want more school choice, Congress will pump $54 billion into the K-12 system and remove the flexibility afforded to Governors under the previous CARES Act. Democrats in Congress at the behest of the teachers’ unions forced a retreat from the one innovative education policy that was included in the CARES Act – the Governors Emergency Education Relief (GEER) fund. Congress has restricted the use of those funds to prevent Governors from using them to create or augment educational choice programs in their states.”

John Schilling, AFC president, said in a statement America’s non-public schools “have worked hard to safely and responsibly re-open, incurring significant costs to do so.” He continued, “the same cannot be said for too many traditional public schools. We urged Congress to think boldly in this time of crisis by including Sen. Tim Scott’s School Choice Now legislation, which would have channeled non-public school relief directly to families and created a federal tax credit that would have provided much needed flexibility and choice for public and non-public school families alike.”

“[T]he power of the teachers’ unions was flexed again and Congress sent another $50+ billion for public schools, thousands of which have failed to deliver a full time, quality education to millions of students since March,” Schilling added.

Back in July, Donald Trump pushed for federal funds to be given to parents for a school of their choice if their local public school districts refused to open amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

5 thoughts on “Covid Relief Bill Blocks School Choice”
  1. The bill is to get money to the American people who workednyo put it there not for anything else. People need money to stay in their homes. The ruthless spending by the demoncrats to try to oust president Trump could have been used for America.

  2. Please make sure that all “School Choice” provisions and monies from the previous March Cares Act gets put back into this bill!

  3. I don’t understand what does the school chose have to do with a stimulus package? Why does everything the house and congress put together bills that undermined the American people?

  4. Dear President Trump, please know for this alone, Forbidding State Governor’s to help taxpayers in having a choice on where their children attend schools, this bill should be totally vetoed. The whole thing reeks to high heaven, and if the Democrats get in, more of the same type of spending bills are already being trotted out by the propaganda media. Thank you sir and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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