April 18, 2021

Did We Just See a Repeat of the 1944 Election?

Joe Biden And FDR

In 1944, a very gravely ill President Roosevelt ran for re-election to an unprecedented fourth term – after having refused to leave office after the two-term tradition established by our first President, George Washington – and adhered to by all the Presidents who followed him.  That was until FDR.

His decision to break the precedent was an apparent lust for power.  He was labeled as “America’s first dictator.”  Roosevelt’s autocratic grip on power was so dangerous to the Republic that shortly after his death the Congress passed the Twenty-Second Amendment enshrining the two-term limit in the Constitution.

In many ways, the 1944 election was FDR’s gravest insult to the electoral process.  You see, at the time of his election, Roosevelt was a dead man walking.  He was so gravely ill that he would most likely die in the first year of his term.  In fact, he lived only 82 days after his Inauguration.

His physical and mental condition was concealed from the public by Democrat political leaders who were parasitical to Roosevelt’s power and by a fawning press that had – with malice aforethought – prevented the American public from knowing of his failing health – just has they had concealed his crippled condition for decades.

Post World War II historians often attribute the catastrophic agreement between Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Russian dictator Joseph Stalin made at Yalta — that handed Eastern Europe over to the hegemony of Russia and was disadvantageous to the United States – to the enfeebled condition of the American President at the time.

Roosevelt’s condition was so bad, that Democrat Party leaders were obligated to put in place a Vice President who would most certainly be the President of the United States within a year.  They could not allow the radical socialist Henry Wallace – who FDR named as his running mate in 1940 – rise to the Oval office.  So, they successfully lobbied for Missouri Senator Harry Truman.

For sure, there are significant differences between the 1944 and the 2020 presidential elections – but there are disturbing similarities.

Throughout the campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden showed signs of the sort of mental decline the inevitably comes with advanced age.  President Carter even stated his belief that no one over the age of 80 is fit to carry out the duties of the presidency – and Biden will be 80 halfway into his first – and likely last — term.

As the campaign heated up, Biden seemed afflicted with more and more gaffes and senior moments.  These were far more than his history as a recovered stutterer – as apologists proclaimed.  These were senior moments in which he lost his train of thought – or slipped into irrational segues.

Like Roosevelt, the parasitical politicians and the fawning media protected Biden’s public image by failing to report his many senior moments – and by projecting an inaccurate or incomplete public image.  No presidential candidate in modern times was less engaged in public campaigning.

The Covid-19 provided a cover for Biden remaining in his basement – communicating by scripted video statements.  Instead of upholding the longstanding journalistic tradition of aggressive questioning of a presidential candidate, most of the Fourth Estate became lapdogs and a strategic part of the cover-up.

Those on the radical left make no secret of the hope to have California Senator Kamala Harris assume the presidency sometime in the next four years.  Because of Biden’s age and health, they believe that it was essential to have a Vice President from the radical left.  That is the opposite of the thinking of those surrounding Roosevelt.  They were forcing out the radical left.

I do not have a crystal ball, but I have observed enough to believe that Biden is not at the top of his game mentally and physically.  Yes, he can sound cogent at times – but then there are those “other” times – those senior moments.  Yes, he can run for six to eight feet in front of a camera – but so can I.  It is the next six to eight feet that tell the real story.

If you are inclined to betting, I would not wager more than you can afford to lose that Biden will complete his four-year term.  Whether by further mental deterioration, physical incapacity or death, I would set the odds at 50/50 that he will not complete his term.  Biden is at an age – same as me – that anything can happen – and it usually does.  Of course, with Harris as Vice President, I will be praying for Biden’s good health for the next 1500 days.

My view is not about the legitimacy of the election, but about a massive cover-up that enabled Biden to stay mostly sequestered throughout the campaign.  Even if he was not elected by vote fraud, he was surely elected by deception.  And shame on the politicians and the folks in the media who engaged in a conspiracy to keep Biden under wraps – away from the fair and honest judgment of the American people.

So, there ‘tis.