The Sinister Mr. György Schwartz

Perhaps nothing shows the political depravity of the modern Democratic Party more than its supplicant reliance on billionaire investor György Schwartz – the sinister international wheeler-dealer.  You may know him better by his acquired name of George Soros.

While Soros is mostly described as “an investor,” his principle investment seems to be promoting anti-democratic socialism throughout the world – even as he benefits from capitalism.   While he is listed as having a personal wealth of under $10 billion – a piker by the standards of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg – it is only because he has transferred billions of dollars into his primary instrument of social change – the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

In 2018, he plunked another $18 billion dollars into the OSF – increasing his stake to more than $50 billion and making the OSF the second largest non-profit in the United States, behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  As with any such front group, they claim the highest of purposes – in this case, “advancing justice, education, public health and independent media.”  Independent media?  Really?

Soros claims that all his efforts are pro-democracy even though all his giving is in support of the radical left’s anti-democracy agenda.  He supports many groups that show disdain for the rule-of-law – and opposes America’s conservative principles of federalism and limited government.

He supports open borders and sanctuary cities.  He funds anti-local police groups.  He backs criminal rights over victim rights.

Though Jewish, Soros has come under heavy criticism from Israel and Jewish leaders who see his funding of supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement against Israel as being anti-Semitic.  Not an unreasonable deduction.

Soros has a very special project aimed at the United States. You can see his handiwork in Los Angeles.

Several years ago, Soros realized that the prosecutorial class has enormous power in setting the social agenda, so he began a campaign to fund the campaigns of the more radical candidates.  He saw that the nations’ prosecutors and attorneys-general combine substantial legal power with political ambition.

(If you doubt that prosecutors are the most political of the law profession, just check out how many prosecutors are senators, governors, congressmen, state legislators and … surprisingly … news personalities.  And do not forget all those top-level FBI executives promoting the bogus Russian conspiracy theory.)

Among the many prosecutors Soros has funded successfully, is the newly elected District Attorney George Gascón.  Soros donated millions to the Gascón campaign – an enormous single donor contribution for a District Attorney.  The money played a major role in ousting incumbent DA Jackie Lacey.

To get an idea of what Soros sees as good social policy, Gascón announced a number of “reforms” he intends to impose.  It includes seeking no more death penalties, a get out of jail free parole system, re-sentencing prisoners who he feels got too long sentences and reducing the jail populations even for serious felons.  He is pledging to terminate “sentencing enhancements” that can get a convicted felon a longer sentence – such as gang membership and past offenses.  That action alone would immediately release thousands of major felons onto the streets of Los Angeles.

In pursuing his personal left-wing agenda, Gascón is making himself a one-man law enforcer.  He is nullifying the work and judgments of other prosecutors, the courts, judges and juries. This is nothing less than autocracy on the local level.

Though once a police officer himself – some 40 years ago – Gascón is considered to be anti-police.  He uses the proverbial broad-brush to view the killing of George Floyd as representative of all police departments across the nation.

As a person with authoritarian instincts, Soros sees an opportunity to thwart the will of the people – and bypass the legislative law-making process – to impose social change by edict via the prosecutorial system.

Though Soros has a deep interest in meddling with American democracy, he operates out of Berlin and New York City.   He previously had his headquarters in his homeland – specifically Budapest – but he moved to Germany after the Hungarian government expressed unhappiness with his meddling there.

The only good news is that Soros is 91 years old and cannot live forever.  Unfortunately, his Foundation has a longer life expectancy through his son, Alexander — who currently serves as the OSF’s vice chairman.

So, there ’tis.