Will CNN and MSNBC Outfox FOX News?

Let’s first agree on one thing.  The two left-wing cable giants – CNN and MSNBC – and their print media puppet panelists from the New York Times and the Washington Post have launched a media war against the long-time number one cable news network, FOX News.

While the battle is being fought under the pretense of ideology, it is all about ratings.  The management over at CNN and MSNBC appear to have decided that a war on FOX would help bring down their long-time ratings leadership as the most popular cable news network.  They have set aside a competition strategy for an aggressive air war strategy based on ideology.

The coordinated campaign to discredit FOX appears to be an example of psychological projection – attributing to others one’s own characteristics – rather than honest and balanced analysis.  The assault on FOX has reached a fever pitch as seen in a recent edition of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” hosted by the smarmy Brian Stelter – a devotee of the Joseph Goebbels School of Public Communication.  It is a show that is remarkably at odds with its title — and anything that would pass as ethical journalism.  The only thing the audience can rely upon is to be force fed a constant flow of mendacious New York left-wing drivel.

We are not talking about legitimate criticism here – or an intellectual presentation of factual news.  No.  No.  No.  This is classic propaganda press – designed to indoctrinate rather than educate.  It is carried out with hyper-hyperbole and all the elements of propaganda – false interpretations, censorship of counterpoints, character assassination, disinformation and outright lies.

In support of CNN’s preconceived false narratives, Stelter – or more accurately, his producers – gin up the most strident and well-coached anti-Trump and anti-FOX hired guns to serve as pundits and analysts.  They are then choreographed into a company of spreaders of malicious disinformation.

Although Stelter is a liar, he is not an outlier.  Throughout the broadcast day, the CNN and MSNBC personalities and guests repeatedly attack FOX as some second-rate network engaging in nothing but political propaganda – that projection thing.  They frequently use the very word “propaganda” to describe FOX reporting.

By extension, they slander FOX viewers as a bunch of hypnotized Neanderthals – a basket of deplorables, you might say.

But is the air war working for the aggressors?  Apparently not.

The three major cable news networks each increased their viewership in 2020, but FOX maintained its historic lead.  In fact, it even improved its lead – with a 45 percent increase over its already commanding lead.  The FOX Network averages 3.6 million viewers in prime time.

MSNBC gained 24 percent to bring its average viewing audience to 2.2 million.  CNN enjoyed the biggest percentile gain of 85 percent – but they were coming up from a distant third.  Even with the increase, CNN remains in third place with 1.8 million prime time viewers – and they call themselves “the most trusted name in news.”

All the news networks have seen increases largely due to the interest in the Covid-19 pandemic, the presidential election and the post-election transition controversies.

If the attacks on FOX – and the networks increased viewership – suggests anything, it is that the American people are a lot smarter than the left-wing brainwashers think.  There can be no doubt that FOX News thrives despite the winnowing attack from the left-wing stations because of content.  It remains on top even as major personalities come and go.

By any objective analysis, FOX presents a broader range of news – and they do it consistent with their “fair and balanced” motto.  Minute-by-minute, they provided more point and counterpoint in their coverage than do CNN or MSNBC – by a long shot.

Stelter and the others can gnash their teeth, pound their fists and stomp their feet, but trying to attack FOX on political and philosophical bias may well backfire by drawing a negative comparison to their own manifest biases.  We can only hope …

So, there ‘tis.