John Weaver

John Weaver, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, has been deleted from the organization’s website. It is currently experiencing “technical difficulties” just after Weaver has been accused of “grooming” dozens of young men for sex.

As of late Thursday, the “Our Team” page on the Lincoln Project’s website “does not exist.”

Weaver, married to a woman, is facing accusations from dozens of young men who allege he engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior and attempted to “groom” them by offering career opportunities in exchange for sex. According to the victims, he likes using the phrase “my boy.”

Weaver allegedly uses his Twitter account to contact the young men, but it has not been active since November 2020, when he thanked supporters of the Lincoln Project and other members of the “Army of the Decent” for helping to elect Joe Biden.

The accusations of grooming came after author Ryan Girdusky posted a Twitter thread on January 9, suggesting a trove of “screenshots and receipts” as proof, although it did not name Weaver.

A number of articles followed. Just this week, Girdusky wrote a piece for the American Conservative about the accusations. One accusation came from a former college student who recalled a late-night phone call from Weaver. He remembers Weaver asking him about his height and weight. After the student suggested he was “about average,” Weaver allegedly replied, “Oh my boy, I’m sure certain parts of you are well above average.”

On Wednesday, journalist Scott Stedman published an article on allegations that Weaver had sent sexually suggestive text messages to “at least two dozen men” aged 19 to 26, including Stedman. The author included a screenshot of a January 2019 conversation (via Twitter direct message) where Weaver tells Stedman: “Your new hair color is hot! Keep it that way!!” Several young men discussed interactions with Weaver involving job offers and “an expectation of sex” in return.