Andrew Cuomo Press Conference

During a Friday press conference, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said people should “never get cocky with COVID.”

“Never get cocky with COVID. Truer words were never spoken,” Cuomo said. “I’ll take credit for that quote. Never get cocky with COVID,” he added.

Cuomo has written a book about leading a state through a pandemic, titled, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic.”

“In his own voice, Andrew Cuomo chronicles in ‘American Crisis’ the ingenuity and sacrifice required of so many to fight the pandemic, sharing his personal reflections and the decision-making that shaped his policy, and offers his frank accounting and assessment of his interactions with the federal government and the White House, as well as other state and local political and health officials,” Crown Publishing, the book’s publisher, said in a statement.

New York was one of the states that Covid-19 hit the hardest. Andrew Cuomo implemented some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country, almost completely destroying New York’s economy in the process. Only recently has he talking about the importance of re-opening.

People have criticized Cuomo’s executive order that he signed in the early days of the pandemic. The order fortaken issue with an executive order Cuomo signed early in the pandemic that forced nursing homes to take in patients who tested positive for coronavirus and have pointed to the thousands of businesses that were forced to close their doors as a result of the strict lockdowns.

6 thoughts on “Cuomo Releases Book Praising His Own Response to Covid”
  1. 😂😂😂😂 yeah well how’s the learning curve going? Cuomo actually killed over 98% of the elderly with his thoughtless actions bc he hated Trump more than he cared about saving his older citizens of NY! This he should be responsible for instead of putting himself up on a platform to be praised! Shameful behavior-impeachable? or at least be prosecuted!

  2. another payoff by the communist leftist party… so obvious that this is how they enrich people for furthering the destruction of the Republic…. nauseating.. 60 million for just one of the books from Obama’s Biden… Bernie Sanders… and the list goes on and on… all for people who claim they care about the planet… all the trees and energy that goes into printing a book….. the hypocrisy is obscene….

  3. I DO know that he is running for ‘Number ONE Hot Dog Vendor on Coney Island’ and this book will guarantee that he will end up at least in the last 30 vendors.

  4. If someone has to brag about their self then there was nothing to talk about. This seems to be the common trait for Democrats everywhere.

  5. Who has a bigger ego him or his brother these guys are just in love with themselves and get in front of the mirror they turned backs to each other and kiss each other‘s ass

  6. I am a healthcare professional and Governor Como killed 90% about patients!!! He needs to be voted out of office he’s a mean man!!!

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