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New York Hospital Fined for Vaccinating First Responders “Without Cuomo’s Approval”

New York City Mayor Democrat Bill de Blasio said Friday that the state had fined a hospital in New Rochelle for vaccinating first responders without New York Governor Democrat Andrew Cuomo’s approval.

De Blasio told radio host Brian Lehrer that a hospital in the city of New Rochelle, which was once the hard-hit epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak in New York, was fined and their remaining vaccines were confiscated after officials began vaccinating first responders.

De Blasio and Cuomo disagreed over the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine after several requests to move forward with vaccinating New Yorkers over the age of 75 — with vaccines that NYC officials already had on hand — were denied by the governor’s office.

New York’s strict guidelines — and the failure to find enough people who meet the criteria for priority vaccination — has already resulted in a number of doses being thrown away.



  1. This is nuts. First Res-ponders – Yes need the vaccines. When you get sick, they are the ones you depend on.

  2. Who is Cuomo, God? He shouldn’t be in charge of who receives and who doesn’t. This guy is a real a……! I cant stand him. He needs to find a hobby. Talking everyday non stop about stats. Get a life.

  3. This guy and all liberal “leaders” are on massive power trips. I fear it is only going to get worse with the basement dweller and all of his cohorts from the swamp.

  4. Gov Cuomo has shown to be all about himself. He could care less about NY STATE. Long term goal to be President . I was born and raised in NY, but am now a snowbird with a Florida resident.

  5. We can only pray that NYS has the brains and balls to dump the beyond-egomaniacal, low-IQ, beyond-arrogant,
    POS, corrupt, criminal, killer Cuomo come election time.. It is time for this low-life turd to GO!!


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