T.C. Williams High School, which is famous for its role in the popular Disney movie “Remember The Titans,” might soon be renamed “Kamala Harris High School.”

The Alexandria City School Board made a unanimous vote to get rid of Williams’ name because he supported segregation while serving as superintendent of the Alexandria, Virginia school system.

According to the school, Williams was a “staunch segregationist whose views could not have been more inconsistent with the vibrant, diverse and inclusive place we know today.”

Students are now given the opportunity to vote on a replacement name through an online poll on the school’s website. One of the options for the new name is “Kamala Harris High School.”

Other options for the new name include “George Floyd Memorial High School” and “Ruth Bader Ginsburg High School.” The school board is reportedly planning on narrowing down the list to six finalists by April.

The Board also announced plans to change the name of Matthew Maury Elementary School. Maury was a Confederate naval officer widely considered to be the founder of modern oceanography.

The name change is set to take effect at the start of the 2021 fall semester. It will reportedly cost the school district $330,000.

16 thoughts on “Will This Famous High School Be Renamed “Kamala Harris High School”?”
  1. None of the above. Get the school out of politics; it’s supposed to be about edification and wisdom, not blind hatred and vindictiveness. Dwayne

  2. Huge waste of money better spent on the students. Until these idiots pointed it out, I doubt 90% of people knew the individuals’ history. Where I live, every major street, school, and park is named for some Civil War guy or another, most people when asked have no clue who “General Shafter” was, nor why “Colonel Tom Baker’s field” was a landmark and way station during the Western expansion….Nobody cared until these idiots decided to get all wound up about events a hundred years or more in the past…

  3. Political correct has gone nuts! Use that money to help education for students. That would be a novel idea.

  4. yea lets name a school after a dumb hooker… ck out how and where she got her law degree and 1st jobs

    this stuff is just sick

  5. people starving in our country and these School Superintendents want to waste money on changing the name of a school. because it might offend some idiots.

  6. Schools and other civic buildings should be named after dead people.
    What if Kamala does something wrong in her life that warrants another name change.

  7. If the name just has to be changed, then try OutHouse High, after the Dem controlled Out House in Congress.

  8. I don’t understand what’s happening in America today. We’re destroying statues of Southern Heroes, destroying buildings because they represent Southern Heroes and other great individuals and their believes and accomplishments, which help make America Great and WHAT IT IS TODAY. They want to rename Military Bases, Schools, Buildings, and Places Of Interest, just because they’re named after Southerns, and schools because the individuals believes were fore or against something at that time frame that we disagree in today. IF, THAT’S HOW AMERICA IS GOING TO REACT TO EVERYTHING, THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT OF AMERICA’S HISTORY!!!!! LEAVE EVERYTHING THE WAY IT IS AND BE PROUD OF AMERICA AND IT’S CHANGES THROUGHOUT HISTORY!!!!! BE PROUD AMERICA!!!!!

  9. Go from one hateful person to another. Kamala didn’t do much for California, why name something after her. Rename after astronauts.

  10. All for renaming it for the knee-grow if it is done posthumously and the sooner the better.

  11. When will cancel culture quit wasting taxpayer money, and so much TIME, renaming everything? It doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to anybody’s problems today, solves no economic or social issues, and makes it much harder to have any historical continuity than remembering which stadium name corresponds to which baseball or football team.

  12. Isn’t it against the law to name a school or street after a living person? Now, if you want to step out in front of a moving semi truck that would probably make you eligible. I am sure everyone would be happy with that.

  13. Gingsurg would be good. But do they name schools after criminals or drug addicts? Rosa Parks or MLK Jr would be much more appropriate than a white that slept their way to the top.

  14. REALLY???WTF !!

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