April 19, 2021

Andrew Cuomo Is On His Way Out

Andrew Cuomo

It says a lot when even with the Democrats’ — with their media allies’ propensity to ignore or cover-up Democrat scandals — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has his buns being burned on the political hot seat.  There is a reason – two reasons.  New York nursing home deaths and seducing young girls – or at least trying to — are just too big to ignore.

The glib New York governor was initially canonized by the New York media for his daily Covid-19 briefings.  There was even talk of a vice-presidential candidacy or Cabinet position in a Biden administration.  The fact that Cuomo was not even on the shortlist for a Cabinet slot after Biden won the election suggests that insiders may have been more aware of Cuomo’s problems than was the general public.

As the nursing home death rate kept increasing, Cuomo’s political standing went down commensurately.  Then there was the revelation that Cuomo was actually issuing false numbers – understating the nursing home death toll by the thousands.  That led to suspicions that his handling of the nursing home issue was influenced by the major money his campaigns received from nursing home owners.

Weeeell … as if that was not enough, up pops Lindsey Boylan — accusing Cuomo of sexually inappropriate behavior.

As is so often the case in these accusations of sexual misconduct by prominent persons, there was a second and now a third accuser.  We do not know if that is the last.

So far, Cuomo’s sexual misconduct was mostly limited to words – except for an “uninvited” close-lipped kiss and a touch on the back at a party.  Based on the totality of his comments to the three employees, it is fair to assume that Cuomo was “checking them out” for something more than mentoring.

So far, none of the young ladies have accused Cuomo of sexual battery – meaning he did not touch them in a sexual manner.  No fanny pats.  No boob fondling.  No crotch grabbing.  Nothing like what Tara McCabe accused President Biden of doing to her. That was actual sexual battery.  Hmmmm.  Whatever happened to that #MeToo moment?

Cuomo initially issued the boilerplate statement for such situations.  He denied that he had any improper intentions but apologized IF any of his statements made the ladies uncomfortable.  He understands how his statements may have been misunderstood as “flirtation.”

Seeing that the statement was not slowing down the barrage of bad news, he released an emotional video in which he made the same I-never-meant-to … statement.  The New York Daily News wrote that “Gov. Cuomo’s second chance at a mea culpa fell as flat as his first.”

Cuomo’s problem is that there were a lot of suggestive statements – and many of them were memorialized contemporaneously to others in texts and conversations.  There are a lot of corroborating witnesses.

Another thing that makes Cuomo’s scandals impossible to bury is that he is being attacked within his own political party.

There is no love lost between the relatively more moderate Cuomo and the Democrats’ more radical left – such as the governor’s longstanding political adversary New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the so-called “squad” in Congress.

It is no small irony that Cuomo’s “flirtations” – as creepy as they may have been to the gals – have garnered a lot more news coverage than his inappropriate handling of the nursing homes – which allegedly resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of seniors. But we know a good sex scandal trumps professional malfeasance with the editors and producers of the Fourth Estate.

Speaking of the Fourth Estate, the Cuomo scandal has put the governor’s younger brother in a bind.  Chris Cuomo holds a hot evening time slot over at CNN.  He started a recent show explaining his conflict-of-interest – and why he would not cover the two scandals engulfing his brother.

Of course, Chris has never reported negatively on his brother.  Seems to me that a truly legitimate news service would have put Chris on leave at least until the sibling’s scandals were resolved.  But the management over at CNN prefers that they not provide the public with updates on the scandal during that popular time spot.  It is just another way of ignoring bad news about Democrats.

The twin scandals swirling around the New York governor have taken on a life of their own.  They cannot be completely ignored by the national media.  Whether Cuomo succumbs to resignation or hangs in for the remainder of his term is largely irrelevant.  In the bigger picture, his political career is over … done … kaput.

So, there ‘tis.