The Israeli military accidentally revealed the location of its secret army bases online this week.

The Israel Defense Forces, which helps the Ministry of Health fight the Covid-19 pandemic, uploaded a map of coronavirus testing sights across the country. But the map unknowingly included secret military bases.

The map showed precise locations of top-secret military intelligence and air force bases together, as well as their names and the boundary demarcations.

The newspaper notified the military about the error and the map was removed.

The IDF spokesperson’s unit later acknowledged the error and said the map was replaced with one that left out confidential information.

The locations and boundaries of its bases are apparently kept secret due to concerns that they may be targeted by rocket fire.

Also this week, a rocket launched from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip landed near the city of Beersheba where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was campaigning amidst the national elections.

The rocket did not cause any damage or injuries.

Gaza-based terror groups have targeted Netanyahu in the past on Election day.

A video on Twitter showed the Israeli premier being rushed out of a restaurant in the southern city.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who is also campaigning for his Blue and White Party, held an emergency security session following the rocket attack.