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The arrests come just days after multiple media outlets and prominent Democrats called Republicans “liars” for claiming that some of the people trying to cross the Southern border are terrorists.

House Minority Leader Republican Kevin McCarthy told reporters in El Paso, Texas that Border Patrol was arresting people from the FBI’s terrorist watch list, including people from Yemen, Iran, and Turkey. The mainstream media then tried to “fact-check” McCarthy and deny his claims.

2 thoughts on “Migrants On FBI’s Terrorist Watch List Arrested At Border”
  1. There is just any reason to say anything bad about those crossing the border it will come from someone. Now when the Intelligence agencies say they were the people on the watch list that will be one thing. Nearly every country i n the World there are hundreds of persons with the same name. I just opened my local phone book and the page I was on has 7 William Johnsons and that only cover one county in Maryland. I do know from being stationed in North Africa, just about 25% of the people have the exact name. So just because the people have the same name does not in any way make them a terrorist. Not long ago about 3 years I remember reading about a retired Senior Master Sargent, traveling in Spain and was held at an American reentry point because of his name being on the no fly list as a possible terrorist, took until the next day to straighten it all out.
    There seem to be some that do not want it straightened out just ,make it as bad as they can.

  2. Another case of heads in the sand. On nearly every issue we’re told that what we see isn’t true and we’re racist for even thinking or speaking as the truth. Liberals deny facts and tell us we must live our lives deluded. That somehow common sense and logic simply do not apply anymore. Nobody is saying that all illegal immigrants have a nefarious agenda for entering the United States. However a blindfold makes a very nice target for would be criminals and terrorists. Common sense says if you refuse to look bad actors will take advantage and victimize people. Unfortunately tax paying law abiding citizens are the Democrat’s last concern.

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