For months, a group of leftwing extremists has been camping out near the site of George Floyd’s death. Individuals described as “militant” are keeping police, journalists, and white people away from the so-called Minneapolis “autonomous zone.”

The six-block area is a major problem for the underfunded and understaffed Minneapolis Police Department. The department was all but disbanded by the Minneapolis City Council in the weeks following Floyd’s death.

The situation is “volatile,” says Kim Griffin. Griffin is a local whose nephew was shot and killed in the autonomous zone this month. “Police were not allowed to get into that area…It was made clear law enforcement was not welcome to penetrate that zone, which is an atrocity because his life was taken, and I mean who knows whether or not he would have survived had things been different.”

Police have also been unable to help businesses and residencies inside the zone, some of which are being “robbed by the same people two to three times a week,” said retired Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith. “The police are literally barricaded from going in there,” she added. “It’s very frustrating because it’s already a very disadvantaged area to begin with.”

Critics lay the blame on Minneapolis leadership, which has largely prevented the police department from doing its job.

“Insurrectionists destroyed an MPD precinct because the mayor wouldn’t allow the cops to do what they’re trained to do,” argues Steve Pomper, a retired police officer who worked in Seattle.

The zone’s residents claim they will reopen the area if the city meets a list of demands, but aim to keep it closed until trials are held for Derek Chauvin and the other police officers implicated in George Floyd’s death. Chauvin’s murder trial began last week and the others are set to begin in August.

In February, the Minneapolis City Council approved an additional $6.4 million for police recruitment in the face of rising crime and violence. There were 532 gunshot victims in 2020 (more than twice the number reported in 2019). Carjackings increased more than 330% from the same period the year prior and violence crimes eclipsed 5,100.

Author’s Note: George Floyd’s death was bad enough without the additional pain, suffering, and death caused by the protests. Minneapolis needs to shut this shit down as soon as possible.


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9 thoughts on “Minneapolis Autonomous Zone is a Huge problem”
  1. I say let them kill each other. without policemen there.. Why should policemen risk their life s .

  2. Do like we do in Chicago…move away…take your family and move…they destroyed, burned and looted that area
    No one wants to live there anymore…let them have it it’s trashed. Plenty of places not occupied by those scum bags…let those assholes live with the damages…and cut them them off of all support.

  3. Hi All,
    Welcome to the all new “Banana” Republic of the Americas, the old United States of America. All the veterans of WWI and WWII are now just a forgotten memory who fought so bravely and died to preserve our old USA freedoms. I guess the make believe Rev Wright was may have been very well or correct in saying that our chickens have come home to roost. This rather old saying, ‘chickens have come home to roost’, is normally used to mean that the bad deed/things that someone has done in the past have come back to bite our nation on the arse or haunt this once great nation. In other words, you are telling someone that he has to face the consequences of the deeds done in the past — though he may have committed them a long time ago. So let’s tip our hats to the new revolution, take a bow for the new constitution, and get down on our knees and pray that we get F-ed again, don’t get F-ed again.

  4. I truly don’t see why anyone would want to be a police officer at this point in history. Demonized and spat upon in far too many cities in America. If we don’t straighten out this mess very soon we may find ourselves fending for ourselves with no one to call. Shaming and defunding entire police forces only serves to embolden criminals who seemingly act with impunity. It’s time to end this ridiculous notion that all police even black police are endemically racist. Shame on the leftist who beat that drum daily. They ate putting the public at unnecessary risk when bail is eliminated and criminals are just releasing on an unsuspecting public. Time to stop holding the hands of criminals and blaming everyone but them for their actions.

  5. Minneapolis is a DEMOCRAT RULED CITY.
    George Floyd died in this DEMOCRAT RULED CITY!

  6. Human, police officers are demonized and spat upon in your country because they routinely murder people, especially black people. The George Floyd incident was just a very spectacular example of that fact because it was all caught on film, but there is a long history of this. A black man murdered by police for the alleged crime of stealing, what, five dollars, in this case? Which was never proven in court at that time. It was basically a public execution, on camera, and without trial, for petty theft. Is that what your country stands for now?

  7. To R. Dudgeon You are so full of manure I’ll bet you eyes are brown and leak manure. You feelings don’t jive with the facts.

  8. Clearly R Dudgeon has swallowed the koolaid and gets information from CNN Communist News Network or MSNBC add your own. Perhaps a walk outside would clear your mind. Way too much television.

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